The Sisters

Release Date: April 14, 2006
Limited release

Do I have to make out with an ugly dude in this movie too?

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The classic early 20th century Anton Chekhov work, Three Sisters, is the source material for this modern theatrical adaptation. The classic work of Russian literature examined the lives of three sisters who too frequently fantasized about the lives they were not leading. In the process, the women all grew unable to effect change in their lives, instead achieving a level of soul crushing stagnation.

The Sisters as a movie will explore similar themes. Set at a Manhattan college, it will track the lives of three sisters who are regretful urbanites. All of the women long for the simpler life they left behind when they moved from Charleston, South Carolina.

In the process of discussing their situations, all three ladies bluntly reveal family secrets and personal misperceptions. Their brutal honesty is the only real hope the women have of escaping their rut.

The drama has a very solid trio of actresses playing the titular roles. Mary Stuart Masterson, Maria Bello and Erika Christensen comprise the central cast with Eric McCormack, Chris O'Donnell, Elizabeth Banks and Alessandro Nivola also onboard. How closely these characters will mirror the women of Chekhov is as of yet unknown. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for The Sisters
Main Cast Mary Stuart Masterson, Maria Bello, Erika Christensen
Supporting Cast Eric McCormack, Rip Torn, Chris O’Donnell, Elizabeth Banks, Alessandro Nivola, Steven Culp
Rating R
Running Time 113 minutes
Screen Count 3
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