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The popular British literary piece Manchester United Ruined My Life, a suffering sports fan book in the Nick Hornby/Fever Pitch mold, is being adapted to the big screen.

First-time director Mark Brozel will helm a production with a stellar cast of Harry Potter alumnua like Alan Rickman and Jason Isaacs along with other cinematic luminaries such as Janet McTeer, Henry Goodman and master thespian Derek Jacobi.

They will be telling a story that will have some familiarity to the Red Sox and Cubs fan of North America. Through no fault of his own, fate decreed that Colin Shindler, the author of the book, would be a fan of the inept Manchester City soccer team rather than its significantly more noteworthy counterpart, Manchester United.

Much like a New York Mets fan forced to suffer through season after season of Yankees success, Shindler watched helplessly as a team he didn't like became a marketing machine of hype while his team got repeatedly kicked around. Even when his team won once in 1968, ManU managed to upstage them by winning the European Cup that same year.

To Shindler, being raised Jewish in 1950s and '60s Manchester was the symbolic equivalent of the team he rooted for that always seemed to be in the shadow of someone else. The movie will humorously depict the rites of passage of a young boy cursed to root for the wrong team, but it will also focus on life and religion as much as the Halcyon days of early '60s English soccer. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Manchester United Ruined My Life
Main Cast Alan Rickman, Derek Jacobi, Jason Isaacs
Supporting Cast Janet McTeer, Henry Goodman
Director Mark Brozel
Screenwriter Colin Shindler
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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