Mrs. Harris

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Two decades of history have deadened the impact to a large degree, but there was a murder in the early 1980s that captivated the nation. Long before O.J. Simpson was acquitted in the trial of the century, another slaying attained similar billing.

Before that Atkins bloke swept the country with his diet, a society soon to make Jane Fonda famous for something other than Barbarella was obsessed with another weight loss scheme. The Scarsdale Diet and its creator, Herman Tarnower, held a monopoly on the diet industry. The best selling book was considered the gold standard, and a lucrative cottage industry based on his theorems secured the author and his family financially for the rest of their lives.

An outsider would presume Tarnower and his wife, Jean Harris, were living an idyllic existence. For her part, Harris was headmistress of one of the most presitigious girls schools on the East Coast. Friends, social acquaintances and co-workers felt she was the very definition of culture and refinement.

But that all changed when she was charged with murder.

An inveterate womanizer, Tarnower's flings had long been a source of conflict between the couple and rightly so. Equally disturbing to the woman was her husband's emotional unavailability. After a time, the combination of issues became to much for Jean Harris's delicate psyche. Depending on which story is to be believed, she either decided to end her own life or she resolved to kill her husband. In cold blood.

Mrs. Harris will explore the arguments presented by the prosecution and the defense. The production analyzes whether an accident befell an innocent woman or whether a scorned wife attained revenge on her husband for his infidelities.

A stellar cast makes up this production in the Reversal of Fortune vein. That sexy beast Sir Ben Kingsley portrays Tarnower while An American President stunner Annette Bening takes on the titular role. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Mrs. Harris
Main Cast Ben Kingsley, Annette Bening
Supporting Cast Ellen Burstyn, Frances Fisher, Michael Gross, Philip Baker Hall, Cloris Leachman, Mary McDonnell, Chloe Sevigny, Bill Smitrovich, Frank Whaley
Director Phyllis Nagy
Screenwriter Phyllis Nagy
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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