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This film about eco-terrorism comes from veteran director Anthony Hickox and equally well-seasoned screenwriter Steven E. DeSouza. The story is one of those “John Q. Public is called on to be a hero”-type films.

The movie stars Eddie Griffin as tugboat captain Lamont Dixon. He takes a last-minute job at Christmas to bring in some extra cash for his family. He’s asked to pull a new oil rig out to its new mooring, but he suddenly finds himself fighting against a group of supposed environmental radicals. We soon find out that these people have a hidden agenda. They intend to use the oil rig to set off a huge electromagnetic pulse weapon that will wipe out America’s defenses.

FBI agent Lisa Reed (Vivica A. Fox) calls upon him to provide information about the mercenaries and eventually to take action against them. He also has the help of the oil rig’s techno-geek, Jamal Wilkes (Breckin Meyer). But whose side is Wilkes on? If Dixon doesn’t find out soon, it could cost him his life as well as that of many of his fellow Americans.

This film was shot in early 2003 in South Africa on a reported budget of $20 million. (Marty Doskins/BOP)

Vital statistics for Blast
Main Cast Eddie Griffin, Beckin Meyer, Vivica A. Fox
Supporting Cast Vinnie Jones, Shaggy, Eddie Driscoll, Tom "Tiny" Lister Jr.
Director Anthony Hickox
Screenwriter Steven E. DeSouza
Rating R
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture

Comparison films for Blast
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
Die Hard with A Vengeance 5/19/9522.16 30.71 2525 8776.00 11701.3 100.01 138.63 4.51
Broken Arrow 2/9/9615.58 21.25 2388 6524.00 8560.9 70.65 96.38 4.53
Under Siege 10/9/9214.10 20.48 2042 6905.00 9650.4 83.56 121.41 5.93
Under Siege 2 7/14/9512.62 17.49 2150 5870.00 7826.7 50.02 69.33 3.96
Kate & Leopold 12/28/019.73 10.38 2452 3966.00 4071.3 47.10 50.26 4.06
My Baby's Daddy 1/9/047.55 7.55 1447 5216.88 5216.9 17.32 17.32 0.00
Meteor Man, The 8/6/932.64 3.84 1060 2491.00 3489.8 8.02 11.68 3.04



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