A Dirty Shame

Release Date: September 17, 2004
Limited release

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Any time you see the name "John Waters" attached to a film, you know it's going to be waaaaaaay out there. After stuff like Polyester, Pink Flamingos, Hairspray, Serial Mom and Cecil B. Demented, you'd think he might have taken "quirky" as far as it can go, but it looks as though he's outdone even himself this time.

A Dirty Shame, which Waters describes as an, ahem, "cunnilingus concussion comedy," follows the daily adventures of Sylvia Stickles (Tracey Ullman), the owner of a convenience store who suffers an injury to the head. This injury causes her sex drive to transform dramatically, to the point that her sexual addiction threatens to destroy her already dysfunctional family. While her husband (Chris Isaak) is initially overjoyed by her wild, passionate urges and needs, he soon finds himself in the unique position of being a man who can't quite keep up.

As with all Waters films, A Dirty Shame is set in the city of Baltimore, the writer/director's own hometown. Also notable is the fact that Mary Vivian Pierce, who has a small role as a recovering sex addict, will continue her unabated streak of appearing in every single one of Waters' movies. A host of other Waters regulars are also along for the ride.

Fine Line Features, which has previously distributed such films as Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Elephant, and American Splendor, will maintain their support of all things idiosyncratic as they release A Dirty Shame to major cities. Waters does have a devoted following and many of his films are considered cult classics. A Dirty Shame should be a worthy successor to those filmic ancestors. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for A Dirty Shame
Main Cast Tracey Ullman, Chris Isaak, Selma Blair
Supporting Cast Johnny Knoxville, Patricia Hearst, Mink Stole, Susan Allenback, Jeffrey Auerbach, Lance Baldwin, Paul DeBoy, Mary Vivian Pierce, Wes Johnson
Director John Waters
Screenwriter John Waters
Distributor Fine Line Features
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site http://www.adirtyshamemovie.com/
Rating NC-17
Running Time 88 minutes
Screen Count 1
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