The Woods

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The isolation and loneliness of being a teenager in unfriendly surroundings are familiar feelings to anyone who has lived through the teasing and peer pressure of youth. Director Lucky McKee, whose debut film May, a modern-day take on the Frankenstein story, served as his introduction to the horror genre, will explore the emotional intensity of that teenage experience by inserting his heroine into a precarious, terror-filled situation.

The Woods is sort of a psychological horror tale that centers around a neglected teenager named Heather (Blue Car's Agnes Brucker). Her thoughtless parents send her off to a remote all-girls boarding school deep in a forest. The school is ruled by a menacing headmistress named Ms. Traverse (the always-terrific Patricia Clarkson) and watched over by a creepy staff. Even worse, Heather finds herself tortured by her cruel classmates. She wants nothing more than to just go home.

Suddenly, students begin to disappear. Coinciding with these strange events is the fact that Heather is having petrifying visions. There's something far worse in the woods than just a sinister school, and it really, really doesn't want Heather to leave.

So far, rumors indicate that the film is very gory, focusing pretty heavily on the slash and spatter. That's okay, though, because one of the supporting players is none other than Ash himself, BOP favorite Bruce Campbell. Whether he's gonna get his quickly a la Congo and Maniac Cop 2 remains to be seen, but we're certainly chomping at the bit to see him do something a little more substantial than "Snooty Usher." Bubba Ho-Tep only whetted our appetites for more. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for The Woods
Main Cast Agnes Bruckner, Patricia Clarkson, Bruce Campbell
Supporting Cast Lauren Birkell, Jane Gilchrist, Marcia Bennett, Emma Campbell, Gordon Currie, Ravel Nichols, Ivana Shein
Director Lucky McKee
Screenwriter David Ross
Distributor United Artists
Rating R
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