Man of the House

Release Date: February 25, 2005

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Tommy's got spirit, how 'bout you?

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105/166 David Mumpower The casting director did a perfect job. The writer and director, not so much.

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When last we saw Tommy Lee Jones, he was playing the grizzled military/government/police veteran in The Hunted, Men in Black, Space Cowboys, Rules of Engagement, The Fugitive and, well, pretty much every non-Batman movie of his in the last 15 years. In Man of the House, he plays a totally different sort of FBI Agent.

Okay, he might be the world's foremost example of typecasting (Ashley Judd excluded), but hey. Tommy Lee Jones is cool. If he gets off on playing The Man, I say we let him and be grateful to watch him work.

Man of the House is ever so slightly different from his normal grizzled veteran efforts in that it's a comedy. Err, a comedy that is certified 100% Will Smith free. In this outing, Jones portrays an agent who must protect a group of cheerleaders. That's right. Cheerleaders.

Apparently, the girls were walking off the stage after a cheer-off and accidentally witnessed a backstage murder. The criminals who perpetrated the slaying don't like that there are hot teen girls out there who can finger them for the crime. Jones is forced to go undercover as the pep squad's assistant coach in order to secure their protection.

Along the way, comic hijinks ensue as the man old enough to be the girls' great-grandfather learns the true meaning of generation gap. Times three.

Equal parts Bring It On, Miss Congeniality and The Hunted, Man of the House looks to capitalize on the comedic chops Jones demonstrated in the mega-blockbusters Men in Black, Men in Black II and Batman Forever. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Man of the House
Main Cast Tommy Lee Jones, Anne Archer
Supporting Cast Brian Van Holt, Paget Brewster, Shea Whigham, Shannon Marie Woodward, Monica Keena, Kelli Garner, Christina Milian, Paula Garces, Vanessa Ferlito
Director Stephen Herek
Screenwriter Robert Ramsey, Matthew Stone
Distributor Sony/Revolution Studios
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating PG-13
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