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Seconds later, all the glass in her area shattered.

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The below entry was true at one time, but Gossip Girls has evolved substantially since that time. Rather than seeing the project on the big screen, the place you'll find Gossip Girl is on the CW. While at one time it was true that Amy Sherman-Palladino would be the creative mind behind the show, she's got other fish to fry in Fall of 2007 with The Return of Jezabel James, starring Parker Posey. Instead, the creator of another great teen series, The O.C.'s Josh Shwartz, will be the guy responsible for running the show.

Gossip Girl will be narrated by the wonderful Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), while cast members include Blake Lively (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), Leighton Meester (Surface), Chase Crawford (The Covenant), Penn Badgley (who was terrific on the short-lived Bedford Diaries), and Taylor Momsen. Also featured in a recurring role is BOP fave Kelly Rutherford, who we love thanks to her brief stint as Dixie Cousins on The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (and also for Homefront, a show that far too few people know about).
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Below is the original film write-up for Gossip Girl. As you can see, things have changed over the years.

You might not know the name but you know the talent. Amy Sherman-Palladino has been the MVP of The WB for the past four years. Gilmore Girls, the show she created and continues to oversee, is one of the finest family dramas in the history of network television.

For a young network struggling to find an identity outside of Dawson's Creek and Joss Whedon shows, Sherman-Palladino's creation has proven to be the perfect combination of looks and personality. The Gilmore Girls themselves, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, have met The WB's chief criteria of impossibly beautiful and photogenic. For Sherman-Palladino, though, they met a more subtle goal. Each is able to perform, with caustic wit worthy of the legendary Algonquin Roundtable. This is not at all accidental as the show is the linchpin offering of Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions. Indeed, no one celebrates the cynical, cerebral quip more than the show's executive producer.

Since Hollywood is a place where many profess to be writers but few would even qualify as average, Sherman-Palladino's resume is one that instantly demands attention. When she decides to do a feature film, heads are naturally inclined to turn. For her first big screen adaptation, the Gilmore Girls show-runner decided to pick a successful franchise not far removed in scope and style from the world of Rory's counterparts at Chilton Prep School. From this process, Gossip Girls has been created.

A growing series of novels (the fifth title in the series being released in May 2004) by Cecily von Ziegesar, Gossip Girls tells the story of Blair Waldorf, a spoiled, shallow rich girl not unlike the Selma Blair character in Cruel Intentions. Life is pretty good for Blair, as she has all the creature comforts of life straight down to a gorgeous boyfriend named Nate.

Cracks begin to appear in Blair's foundation when her friend Serena Van der Woodsen (you gotta love the name) returns from her former boarding school, where there was recent *ahem* unpleasantness. Fresh off of being expelled, Serena decides to stave off the boredom first by flirting with Nate then later finding a bourgeois boy-toy to slum with.

Making matters worse for the rich girls, all of the trials and tribulations Blair and Serena combat somehow wind up archived for posterity's sake on a Web site called gossipgirl.net. So, who is this Gossip Girl and how does she always have that Our Town-esque narrator omniscience of all things related to the in crowd of New York's most prestigious private school? And why does (s)he have such a hard-on for these two women?

Equal parts Clueless, Danielle Steel and Cruel Intentions, the series of novels is doing for teen girls what Lemony Snickets has been doing for children: dominating its literary realm. Will this GG franchise prove to be as popular as Amy Sherman-Palladino's other GG when it hits the big screen? With Lindsay Lohan, one of Hollywood's hottest teen stars, already attached to the project, it certainly looks like a winner. (David Mumpower/BOP)

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