Au Pair

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Mandy Moore reacts to the box office performance of Chasing Liberty.

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No, Gregory Harrison fans, this isn't a big screen production of the exceptional made-for-ABC Family Channel film. Instead, it is the latest offering of this, the Mandy Moore decade.

Moore will portray a babysitter who agrees to take care of two children whose upbringing appears perfect. Eventually, she uncovers the truth. The Rockwell painting facade hides dark secrets just beneath the surface.

The creation of the film is a bit mercantile. During the wrap of Sleepover, a film for preteen girls, a realization was made. Landmark Entertainment, the production company, determined that there hasn't been a thriller for teenage girls in a significant period of time, so they sought out a script that fit the bill.

Au Pair, described as both an inverse on the themes of Hand That Rocks the Cradle and a version of What Lies Beneath for teen girls, reminds BOP of 2001's The Glass House, probably the last film to fit the niche mentioned above. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Au Pair
Main Cast Mandy Moore
Screenwriter Judy Klass
Distributor Paramount
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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