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Although Robert Altman’s latest film, the ballet-themed The Company, somewhat surprisingly passed through the awards season without notice, the legendary director’s next film is already set for release later this year. This picture focuses on the New York City art world. The movie was previously entitled “Ultraviolet”, but changed names after a thriller starring Milla Jokovich took the same title.

This film stars Salma Hayek and James Franco, and centers on a documentary filmmaker (Hayek) who is investigating a murder. Despite the somewhat questionable premise, the film is supposedly a comedy, and most likely one can expect something satirical and unquestionably quirky. Interestingly, the story was written by first-time screenwriter Jeff Lewis, who previously wrote for the television shows Hill Street Blues and Newhart (what he has been doing in the twenty years since then is beyond me).

This marks Altman’s second straight film in which he was not at all involved in the screenplay, and fifth since he actually helped write a script (he is credited with the idea behind Gosford Park). In any case, the film is set to shoot on location in the Big Apple starting in February. (Zach Kolkin/BOP)

Vital statistics for Paint
Main Cast Salma Hayek, James Franco
Director Robert Altman
Screenwriter Jeff Lewis
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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