Friday, May 29
The 400-Word Review: High Note
“The High Note” is not actually about Dakota Johnson’s character. That makes it exceptionally bewildering that she is the focal point of the movie.

The Horror, the Horror
I first viewed The Witch during the year of its theatrical release.

Thursday, May 28
Top Chef Power Rankings
As we come closer to a finish, the top chefs start to settle into place.

Review: How to Build a Girl
“I do not think my adventure starts with a boy. I think it starts with me.” —Johanna Morrigan

Review: Blood Quantum
The zombies have always been a metaphor.

The Horror, the Horror
We live in a horror story.
Okay, not really. It feels like it some days.

Tuesday, May 26
Review: The Painter and the Thief
Early in the engaging documentary “The Painter and the Thief,” the titular small-time criminal encounters himself rendered on canvas by artist Kysilkova.

Top Chef Season Recap
Two of our chefs are feeling a little down and out as we rejoin them.

This Weekend, Read This
This will be short and sweet. Severus Snape vs. Molly Weasley. Minerva McGonagall vs. Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Thursday, May 21
Hidden Gems: Love and Mercy
2014’s Love & Mercy has the look of a traditional Hollywood biopic, but it’s not.

Top Chef Power Rankings
Six left! Who's at the top?

Review: The Lovebirds
“The Lovebirds” is funny because its stars are funny.

This Weekend, Read This
Snape vs. Hermione. McGonagall vs. Ron. Shacklebolt vs. Moody. Tonks vs. Mrs. Weasley. This is the Elite 8 of The Unofficial Harry Potter Bracket.

Monday, May 18
The #1 Movie in America
Even more than other fan-driven franchises, the “Twilight” series provided remarkably similar box-office returns.

Top Chef Recap
In the alternate universe of Top Chef, summer camp is on.

This Weekend, Read This
Who is going to join Ron Weasley, McGonagall, Snape, and Shacklebolt in the Elite 8 of the Unofficial Harry Potter Bracket?

Sunday, May 17
This is So Last Week: 4/11/20-5/17/20
Let's see....what's happened in the last month? A cast reunion, troll trouble, plays coming and going and beloved actors, moving on. Here's our latest periodic pop culture quiz.

Saturday, May 16
May Forecast
Deep into the crisis, colossal battles between gargantuan gap-toothed deepsea monsters and the military erupt over the skies of both major cities and small-town USA.

The 400-Word Review
Let’s be clear about one thing right away: “Kimmy vs. The Reverend” is way better than “Bandersnatch.”

Thursday, May 14
Top Chef Power Rankings
The undisputed top three becomes the top two with Kevin’s elimination.

Review: The Vast of Night
You don’t have to wait for “The Vast of Night” to announce its influences.

Wednesday, May 13
Review: Up from the Streets
Art — particularly American art — is usually the product of a collision of cultures. For evidence, look no farther than New Orleans.

Tuesday, May 12
Survivor Recap
After a fantastic pre-merge where all of the biggest names were dispatched early, the post-merge has been pretty much all about one guy.

Saturday, May 9
Review: Spaceship Earth
For a movie about a high-tech science experiment, “Spaceship Earth” spends a lot of time with hippies making avant-garde theater.

Top Chef Recap
As the saying goes, there are only two certainties in life: death and Restaurant Wars. As teased in the last episode, the latter is at issue today.

Review: A Good Woman...
Parenting is difficult. Under the best of circumstances, it’s an unrelenting and nuanced task.

Thursday, May 7
Justice for Chucky
Chucky doesn’t get enough respect.

Top Chef Power Rankings
Another day, another Elimination Challenge, another set of wins by Gregory and Kevin.

Wednesday, May 6
The 400-Word Review: Arkansas
Trying to evaluate “Arkansas” feels like giving a gifted child a so-so report card.

Top Chef Recap
We catch back up with the chefs in the aftermath of Nini and Karen’s double elimination.

Tales from a Quarantine
In this time of uncertainty and sickness, I can take inspiration from our dog, Estee, who showed remarkable resilience and strength, over so much time.

Tuesday, May 5
The #1 Movie in America
“The Fugitive” was a runaway hit, easily winning its opening frame...

Survivor Recap
As expected, we start the episode at camp right after Tribal and as expected and apparently Ben is angry with Jeremy.

Movie Review: Circus of Books
“Circus of Books,” like all great documentaries (and all great films for that matter), consistently peels back new layers, with each one more absorbing (and often shocking) than the last.

Monday, May 4
Review: All Day and a Night
Jah (Ashton Sanders), the protagonist of “All Day and a Night,” has a lot of anger.

This Weekend, Read This
What is the Sweet 16? It’s the regional semifinal round of the Unofficial Harry Potter Bracket. Winners of Sweet 16 match-ups move onto the Elite 8.



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