Thursday, April 30
Review: The Wretched
Certain things are always true in the movies: The sudden appearance of a monster, maniac or other ghoul will always be noticed only by a troubled teenager whom no one else believes.

Wednesday, April 29
Survivor Recap
The good news? If you dislike Tony, we’re here to help you through it. The bad news? If you’re a Tony fan, this was an episode Jim wished he could have handled himself.

Review: What She Said
Let me start by acknowledging that there is something inherently absurd in the following endeavor. I’m writing a movie review about a movie about a movie reviewer.

Top Chef Power Rankings
Three chefs are WAY ahead of the rest.

This Weekend, Read This
Today’s the day. We started with 32 witches and wizards, and now we are down to the Sweet 16 (full list at the bottom of the article).

Tuesday, April 28
The #1 in America: Stigmata
The 1999 horror movie “Stigmata” has a significant place in box-office history — for no reason related to the film itself.

Hidden Gems: Skeleton Twins
They say the heart of a clown is sad, yet we’re still always surprised when funny people give great dramatic acting performances.

Top Chef Recap
It’s flower power—errrr, flour power time with Padma and guest judge, Chris Bianco, an artisan and renowned pizza maker.

Monday, April 27
Review: Shooting Heroin
“Shooting Heroin” has the skeleton of a topical, moving drama but not the body.

Review: Extraction
Netflix’s newest action spectacle, “Extraction,” begins with two cliches.

This Weekend, Read This
They call it March Madness for a reason. This week in the Unofficial Harry Potter bracket, we get the third tournament upset and one of the three main characters almost gets knocked off.

Thursday, April 23
Movie Review: Porno
Let’s be clear: “Porno” is not a porno.

This Weekend, Read This
Do I feel a little bad that it’s my fault Viktor Krum, Rubeus Hagrid, Arthur Weasley, and Rita Skeeter had humiliating defeats in duels with other wizards? A little.

Wednesday, April 22
Top Chef Power Rankings
It's time to start ranking the chefs! Who is most likely to reign supreme?

Review: Beastie Boys Story
There is, in most cases, a slim range of variation in music documentaries.

Tuesday, April 21
Top Chef Recap
Lee Anne Wong knows her way around Top Chef.

Tales from a Quarantine
Perhaps I can recap how things are faring outside of the United States, in some small way.

Monday, April 20
Survivor Recap
As if to rub it all in our faces, tonight's episode promises the family visit where the players in the game get to see their entire families.

This Weekend, Read This
You know that feeling when you gather the 32 most famous witches and wizards and watch them start dueling? Yes, that’s the feeling I have right now.

Saturday, April 18
Number One Movie in America
If you go back far enough, box-office results aren’t really comparable to the way we look at them today.

Friday, April 17
Review: Sergio
Does a standard-issue biopic become more interesting when its subject is relatively unknown?

Tales from a Quarantine
I started quarantine with big plans.

Thursday, April 16
Review: Driveways
There’s an old “Simpsons” bit in which Lisa is trying to convince a skeptical stranger of a jazz musician’s merits. “You have to listen to the notes she’s not playing,” Lisa says.

Wednesday, April 15
Review: The Quarry
Early in “The Quarry,” a no-nonsense lawman smashes the myth that modern small towns are “quaint.”

Tales from a Quarantine
A short bit ago today I got done with my new once-a-day ritual.

Tuesday, April 14
Survivor Recap
Welcome back to another quarantines edition of the BOP Survivor: Winners at War recap.

This Weekend, Read This
During this time of social distancing, I wanted to add a little bit more joy into the world by producing The Unofficial Harry Potter Bracket.

Sunday, April 12
Review: The Dog Doc
This is definitely the only film that includes a German shepherd receiving magnetic muscle stimulation. There’s that.

Tales from a Quarantine
“How are you?” has taken on a whole new meaning these days, and that meaning seems to change every week..

Saturday, April 11
Top Chef Recap
We rejoin the twelve remaining chefs for what feels like a forgotten relic of a distant time: the reality television show/new feature film tie-in.

Tales from a Quarantine
For the United States, Wednesday, March 11th will be remembered, shall we say, as the “day which shall live in infamy” for the coronavirus crisis.

Friday, April 10
This is So Last Week: 3/21/20-4/10/20
With the entertainment world seemingly frozen in place, we were still able to patch together a review of recent pop culture news. With everything else going on in the world (or not), we hope you were paying attention.

Friday, April 10
Review: Love. Wedding. Repeat.
I’m pretty sure I liked “Love. Wedding. Repeat” specifically because it’s a damn mess.

Thursday, April 9
April Forecast (?)
Most theatrical film releases have been canceled...

Wednesday, April 8
The #1 Movie in America
Michael Bay doesn’t generally make unsuccessful movies.

Tales from a Quarantine
BOP staff is checking in from around the world to let you know how they're spending their time.

Tuesday, April 7
The 400-Word Review
Few films speak to the strengths of their creators as clearly as “Never Rarely Sometimes Always.”

Shiny Things
On June 21, 2004, BOP debuted one of its most popular columns in the early years.

Monday, April 6
Movie Review: Crip Camp
Perhaps the main title, “Crip Camp,” and the poster for it, which features a disabled kid in a wheelchair being pushed around by a guitar-holding camp counselor, are misleading.

Survivor Recap
We're back for the MERGE episode of WaW and I'm totally ready for it.

Sunday, April 5
Not the Weekend Wrap-Up
Three weekends ago, Onward won the domestic box office campaign with $10.6 million. We deemed it a disastrous result...

Saturday, April 4
Review: Coffee & Kareem
Let’s get this out of the way: That’s a really bad title.

Thursday, April 2
The 400-Word Review
The recently renamed Academy Award for Best International Film has been awarded since 1956.

Wednesday, April 1
Top Chef Recap
There will be no Quickfire this episode because the chefs are being asked to do some research before the Elimination Challenge.



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