Tuesday, October 30
How Well Do You Know: A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place was deft, scary surprise for movie audiences in 2018. John Krasinski acts and directs this story of parents trying to keep their family from voracious monsters attracted by sound. You may know exactly where on the stairs to step, but how well do you know A Quiet Place?

Tuesday, October 30
Movie Review: Halloween
One of my favorite images in the original Halloween occurs right after Michael Myers dispatches one of his victims.

Movie Review: Halloween
I left “Halloween” (2018) scratching my head.

Monday, October 29
Overpaid Jerks: 10/22/18-10/28/18
Baseball crowns its champion, the Raiders continue their strange ways, NBA scoring is way up and a backup QB is no longer employed. Here comes your sports recap quiz for the 44th week of 2018.

Sunday, October 28
Weekend Wrap-Up
The studios punt on the last weekend of October, giving Halloween an easy second weekend at the top.

Saturday, October 27
Friday Box Office Analysis
Sure, a couple of new films were released this weekend, but no one will ever remember them. For this weekend before Halloween, it will continue to be all about... Halloween.

Friday, October 26
Hidden Gems: Bowfinger
The movies have such an allure on us. Everyone’s got some kind of connection, and many of us would love to write, direct, or act in a movie.

Survivor: David vs. Goliath
Prepare for a mini-rant.

Movie Review: First Man
“First Man” is a mesmerizing, exquisite production—the type of long, patient epic that Hollywood doesn’t seem to make anymore.

Weekend Forecast
October's new releases have seen a bit of a see-saw pattern, with a couple of weekends of record- and near-record breaking totals.

Thursday, October 25
This is So Last Week: 10/19/18-10/25/18
Terrifying fast food, a top 10 record, rich actors and women taking a stand. It's our pop culture recap quiz for the 43rd week of 2018.

Wednesday, October 24
Movie Review: Venom
I’ve a feeling the studio that released “Venom” didn’t have a whole lot of faith in it.

Monday, October 22
Overpaid Jerks: 10/15/18-10/21/18
Overseas football, a World Series matchup, strange NFL endings and wild NBA beginnings. Hey, look, it's our sports recap quiz for the 43rd week of 2018.

Sunday, October 21
Weekend Wrap-Up
So, you know how we frequently talk about how Blumhouse is magically able to take a horror film made on the cheap, starring nobody, and make them ridiculously profitable?

Survivor: David vs. Goliath
The show begins with Probst bringing the tribes together and telling the Davids that Jeremy was voted off of the Goliaths.

Saturday, October 20
Friday Box Office Analysis
Let's play a game of "Which number is bigger?" When you see $33.34 million and $15 million, which one is larger? This isn't a trick question. The answer is $33.34 million.

Friday, October 19
Weekend Forecast
Because Hollywood can never let an idea just die, one of the longest running horror franchises sees its eleventh installment in an ever-more complicated family tree.

Thursday, October 18
This is So Last Week: 10/12/18-10/18/18
Losing a beloved voice, a cop show sequel, a Netflix scarefest and Jack Black times two. Here's our pop culture recap quiz for the 42nd week of 2018.

Monday, October 15
Overpaid Jerks: 10/8/18-10/14/18
A wild weekend in sports saw pitching errors, loads of college football upsets and a further reduction in the undefeateds. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 42nd week of 2018.

Sunday, October 14
Weekend Wrap-Up
Another weekend, another Oscar hopeful makes its debut, so it must be October. First Man underperforms, however, so Venom and A Star Is Born make it a tight race at the top.

Saturday, October 13
Friday Box Office Analysis
After a record-setting weekend during the first October frame, the two films that finished at the top spot do battle with a few new releases.

Friday, October 12
Weekend Forecast
If last weekend was the first major volley in this year's Oscar race, this weekend sees an attempt at a return shot with a great match of pedigree, subject matter and skill.

Thursday, October 11
This is So Last Week: 10/5/18-10/11/18
Who won big at the AMAs? Who got nominated for the Rock Hall? Who scored a $15 million payday? Answers to these and other questions in our pop culture recap quiz for the 41st week of 2018.

Thursday, October 11
September Box Office Recap
September doldrums bring Oscar hopefuls.

Movie Review: Colette
From the beginning, it’s pretty clear where “Colette” is going.

Survivor: David vs. Goliath
Christian and Nick are congratulating themselves over the way the vote went, and they’re blaming Gabby to anyone who will listen.

Wednesday, October 10
5 Ways to Comic Con
We are in the midst of the Fall Comic Con season and I have never been happier, or more broke and stressed.

Monday, October 8
Overpaid Jerks: 10/1/18-10/7/18
A baseball sweep, a long kick, the Red River Showdown and a fight after the fight. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 41st week of 2018.

Monday, October 8
Survivor: David vs. Goliath
The conditions have not improved since the cyclones came and went.

Sunday, October 7
Weekend Wrap-Up
It's not part of the MCU, features a relatively minor character and it's not released by Disney, but Venom's opening weekend proves that it's Marvel's world and we're all just living in it.

Saturday, October 6
Friday Box Office Analysis
Do you like box office records? Boy, do we have a couple for you!

October 2018 Forecast
September underwhelmed, maybe, but October is here to even the score.

Thursday, October 4
This is So Last Week: 9/28/18-10/4/18
A hoops legend writes Sherlock Holmes, Netflix keeps expanding, Bale gets vice-presidential and video games go to the movies. Here's our pop culture recap quiz for the 40th week of 2018.

Thursday, October 4
Weekend Forecast
One of the strangest box office battles in recent memory takes place this weekend.

Monday, October 1
Overpaid Jerks: 9/24/18-9/30/18
College football madness, some gaudy NFL QB numbers, statistical leaders and game 163. Enjoy our sports recap quiz for the 40th week of 2018.

Monday, October 1
Survivor Recap
Previously on Survivor, Mark Burnett became too famous, accidentally got a pinhead elected to the White House and set the world on fire.



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