Monday, October 03, 2005


I've mentioned this show before in my blog, but now that it's officially playing on The Cartoon Network, I wanted to elaborate some more. The show is, at its very essence, about teenagers who are training to be ninjas. Naruto is the central character, obviously, but he's also on a squad with a brilliant up-and-comer named Sasuke and an intelligent girl called Sakura. The trio is led by Kakashi, who is their teacher and guide. The story starts out fairly goofy and silly (and I'd forgotten about that as I've actually seen a couple of seasons and the tone definitely sees a shift from the first few episodes to the middle of the first season, where things take a turn for the dark). Although you will have missed a few episodes, it's only just now getting down to the really good stuff. The kids are about to set out on their first mission, and it is a lot more interesting than it appears on the surface. The show is exceptionally written, and once season two rolls around you'll find yourself emotionally invested in what happens to these kids - and potentially worried to death that one of them might be headed down a path of evil.


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