Monday, October 24, 2005

Book 59: An Unfinished Season, by Ward Just

This book takes place on the North Shore of Chicago in the years following World War II. It's a time when union workers rise up against their employers to the point that things can get ugly, and also a period in history when Communists were actively sought for their treason to this country. In the midst of this is our protagonist, a young man who is just about to enter college, and the summer before he does so is filled with debutante balls and parties. His father's business is one of those affected by union strikes, which brings violence into the home. Once that situation settles, our young hero meets the girl of his dreams and becomes fascinated by her mysterious father - a situation that glides along easily until tragedy strikes.

I particularly enjoyed the setting of the book, as I grew up in Illinois myself and can readily identify with the propensity to find cornfields and flat horizons pretty. The story was a little bit stark and bleak for my liking, but that's just personal preference, really. I liked Just's writing style, and would be interested in trying some more of his works.


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