Friday, July 01, 2005

Widget of the Week

For those who are lucky enough to be Apple computer users, Mac OS X v. 10.4 "Tiger" is the most recent operating system, and it includes a fantastic feature known as "Dashboard". With Dashboard, you can download a variety of Widgets to your desktop that are so handy, you might have everything you need just by popping your Dashboard onto your desktop. Simple widgets include a calendar, a calculator, and the local weather, but if you visit Apple's Dashboard Widget page, you'll find a host of new Widgets that you might want. I generally look through to see what's new each week, and thought it would be a fun feature to include the Widget of the Week here at the Hollis blog.

This week's Widget: Gas

In this current economic atmosphere where gas is becoming so expensive, it's starting to affect people's spending decisions, knowing where the cheapest gas can be purchased is paramount. This little widget will search the area around your zip code and tell you exactly where to go for the best value. As someone who drives a lot for my full-time job, this is a handy little gadget to have, for sure.


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