Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Pop Culture Weekly


Currently Reading:
The Rope Eater, by Ben Jones

Next in the Queue:
Possession, by A.S. Byatt


Currently Listening To:
The CD that came with the June/July issue of The Believer (it's quite good)


Most Recently Seen:
The Island - It wasn't bad, but it did get a bit long and ponderous. There was probably a really good film in there somewhere.

Bad News Bears - Subversive and funny. It felt a little scattershot, but I still came out happy.

Must Love Dogs - The movie is generally cute and entertaining, but there's not nearly enough John Cusack. He's terrific in the film, and I really found myself missing him when he wasn't onscreen.

Most Anticipated
Hustle and Flow (I still haven't gotten to see it yet)
Sky High (Bruce Campbell is in it. What can I say?)


Currently Watching:
Batman: The Animated Series - After seeing Batman begins, I'd been wanting to sit and re-watch this terrific series. I've only just started, but the show really holds up quite well even after more than a decade.


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