Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pop Culture Weekly


Currently Reading
Layer Cake, by J.J. Connolly

Next in the Queue
Fray, a comic book from Joss Whedon, Karl Moline and Andy Owens
Chuck Dugan Is AWOL, by Eric Chase Anderson

Most Recently Purchased
WE3, by Grant Morrison


What's Playing on the Shuffle
Hard Times - Run DMC
Vertigo - U2
Jerk It Out - The Caesars
Ceremony - New Order
Sunken-Eyed Girl - Mike Doughty
This Fire - Franz Ferdinand
Over World - Final Fantasy X Soundtrack
Queen Bitch - David Bowie
Freaks - Live


Most Recently Seen
War of the Worlds - A terrific exercise in terror. The ending is highly, highly flawed, though.
Howl's Moving Castle - Simply delightful. It's not Miyazaki's most accessible film, but it's gorgeous, funny and heartfelt.

Most Anticipated
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The Wedding Crashers


Currently Watching
The Tick - I really miss this animated series, and am thrilled that Toon Disney is re-airing it.
Jackie Chan Adventures Series Finale - The show's quality has suffered in recent years, but they wrapped everything up perfectly. I understand that there probably wasn't much further to take the characters, but I'll still miss them.


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