Monday, November 22, 2004

So, I received an early Christmas present yesterday. That's right, I hold in my hands a shiny, silver Nintendo DS. So far, all I've played is Mario 64, and it's really a lot of fun. I also purchased Feel the Magic, which looks totally weird, which is to say it's right up my alley. More on this fascinating development after I've had some more time with the toy.

Moving on, I should note that I have a strong hate/hate relationship with Wal-Mart. I hate the store with an undying passion, as I prefer the glory of Target instead. The problem is, a Wal-Mart superstore is directly across the street and oh so convenient, while the Super Target is a good 15 minute drive. Oftentimes, I will in fact go out of my way just because I can't stand the overcrowded, overstuffed lanes full of garbage and lack of anything I might actually want or need, but it's not always that easy. Well, now that Salon has published an interview with Liza Featherstone about her book Selling Women Short: The Landmark Battle for Workers' Rights at Wal-Mart, I might just have found the thing to motivate me to never visit the store again. I'll be purchasing the book itself on my next Amazon order.


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