Thursday, July 29, 2004

While looking over the list of movies that are due to be released before the end of 2004, I realized that there are a ridiculous number that I am just highly, highly anticipating. I thought I'd share my list, and if there are any names on it that are unfamiliar, I invite you to check out our Release Schedule to learn more. It's updated daily and is an invaluable source of upcoming movie information.

I've listed these in order of "most anticipated" first and then "slightly less anticipated" as I move down the list. It's a pretty damned impressive list, considering how excited I am for all of them.

1) The Life Aquatic

2) The Incredibles

3) Hero (I've actually already seen this, so it's admittedly a bit of a cheat)

4) Shaun of the Dead

5) The Motorcycle Diaries

6) Enduring Love

7) House of Flying Daggers

8) Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

9) Bride and Prejudice

10) Open Water

11) Team America: World Police

12) Steamboy

13) Synergy

14) A Very Long Engagement

15) Bad Education

16) Sideways

17) Ocean's Twelve

18) Hotel Rwanda

19) The Polar Express

20) Wimbledon

21) The Grudge

22) Warriors of Heaven and Earth

23) Danny Deckchair

24) Silver City

25) Ghost in the Shell: Innocence

26) Overnight

27) Friday Night Lights

28) Code 46

29) Mean Creek

30) P.S.

31) Closer

32) The Cookout


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