Saturday, July 17, 2004

Though I won't be seeing the film until later today, I just finished reading Isaac Asimov's short story collection I, Robot. Clearly, the plot from the movie itself has very little to do with what actually takes place in Asimov's stories, but I enjoyed perusing them as background to what sorts of intellectual dilemmas might take place in the Alex Proyas-directed universe. I had mentioned here in my blog before that I couldn't really understand the die-hard Asimov fans' objection to what they were seeing. I mean, really, the Law of Robotics are so deadly dull that the only way to perk the story up would be to ignore them. Having read the stories, I can envision a very smart film that, like Asimov did in the I, Robot collection, examines the laws and why a robot might seem on the surface to be going against said laws.
Since I've finished that story collection, I'm now in the middle of reading a non-fiction work called Why America Slept: The Failure to Prevent 9/11, by Gerald Posner. It's a gripping and fascinating read. Though I'm perhaps only a quarter of the way in, my eyes have been opened to much that was occurring in our own governmental agencies and around the world in the years preceding 9/11. I'm not totally sure I like the direction the book is going with certain conclusions, but I may just be reading more into it than I should be. I plan to finish it within the next couple of days, so I'll report back as to whether I give it the Hollis Stamp of Approval. 


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