Thursday, July 22, 2004

I'm not a particularly big comic book/graphic novel reader, but this Salon interview with Alan Moore sure makes me want to read Watchmen, From Hell and V for Vendetta.

I saw A Cinderella Story yesterday. It's every bit as trite as you would expect, and not at all good. I do like Chad Michael Murray, though, and wish that he'd get some attention that could land him some challenging projects. Even though the cutesy Hilary Duff flick was terrible, it still wasn't as painful to watch as Raising Helen, which I mentioned previously.

So far, Robert Ludlum's novel The Bourne Supremacy is awfully boring. I don't usually like techno thriller/spy novels, and this one doesn't really look to be any exception. I do expect to like the theatrical version, though. Somehow, the stuff works better when it's moving at the fast-paced clip a movie takes rather than the slow, deliberate, detailed approach of a book that is more than 600 pages long.


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