February 2007 Forecast

By Marty Doskins

February 3, 2007

This picture totally makes us want to see the film. Ugh.

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We are back from our annual January top ten hiatus. And just like last year, I think it was a good month to make our return. After dumping a lot of "stuff" out on the market in January, the studios are making an extra effort to recoup any losses. They should once again be pretty pleased with their results.

Here's my February 2007 Top Ten.

1. Norbit

Academy Award nominee Eddie Murphy (yes, it feels weird to say that) plays three characters in this crazy comedy. If you don't count Pluto Nash, Murphy has been making solid movies for quite awhile now. There's been a lot of hype with this film and even more publicity due to Murphy's nomination for his role in Dreamgirls. We definitely have a formula for success with this one.

2. The Number 23

Jim Carrey takes a break from his roles in either comedies or straight dramas to take on the world of the ultra-creepy. This psychological thriller finds Carrey's life falling apart after reading a book called The Number 23. Some people may be turned off because of the nature of Carrey's role, but I think the previews have been excellent enough to draw more people in. I think this one will do very well when it is released on the 23rd (what else would you expect?).

3. Ghost Rider

This is the latest "comic book character come to life" film. Ghost Rider may not be one of the big names in the comic book biz, but the actor playing him definitely is – Nicolas Cage. I think that these two factors offsetting each other will make this film a decent success, but not really a smash hit. Cage is definitely a big draw whenever he appears on the big screen. His films are almost sure to be a success. However, since the general public may not have heard of the Ghost Rider character, there won't be as much interest as with one of the more familiar characters.

4. Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls

Tyler Perry is pretty well known as a financially successful director. He's coming more and more into the mainstream with every release. But his current following is pretty impressive, so that's why this film ends up at number four.

5. Music & Lyrics

Hugh Grant gets paired with another of Hollywood's leading ladies in this film with Drew Barrymore. Grant always seems to bring out the best in his female co-stars. But Barrymore is no slouch in the romantic comedy genre. If you remember, she did a pretty good job in 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler. And since Grant plus romantic comedy equals success, this one will finish in the top half this month.


6. Bridge to Terabithia

In the past year or so, we've seen an increase in quality teen literature being adapted to the big screen. Most of them haven't been very successful, like Hoot and How to Eat Fried Worms. However, I think this one will do a decent amount of business. The biggest difference in this film is that it's not about kids and some kind of problem they are encountering. This film takes place in a fantasy world. I think that's definitely going to be a big plus. Audiences that normally would've been turned off by a teen angst story may actually show some interest.

7. Hannibal Rising

Isn't it time to put this franchise to bed already?

8. Because I Said So

Diane Keaton is a steady box office draw. Plus, Mandy Moore has shown that she can pick good films that fit with her acting abilities. Even though this film is down toward the bottom of the Top 10, it will still do decent business.

9. The Messengers

Danny and Oxide Pang make their domestic film debut with this movie. They have found a good following in Asia with their work. I think that working with Sam Raimi, who is producing this film, will give them a good leg up into the North American market. This film will only make it to number nine, but I think we'll see great things in the future from the Pangs.

10. Reno 911!: Miami

This film needs to be careful to stay in the February top ten. It could have some serious competition from a "limited release" movie starring Samuel L. Jackson called Black Snake Moan. There's been a lot of talk about Jackson's film and if there are any marketing missteps by the studio, this could easily drop out of sight quickly.



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