Survivor: Cook Islands


By Jim Van Nest

November 13, 2006

He doesn't exactly seem torn up about getting voted off, does he?

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Candice, meanwhile, is miserable by herself on Exile Island. She was quite surprised to see Jonathan join her in the mutiny. And now, she's on the island while he's bonding with the rest of the new tribe.

Back at Raro, we interrupt the game of "it's anyone but Brad" to begin a new game of "it's anyone but Jonathan." He's doing his best to fit in. Wow does this guy talk a lot. Personally, I'd dump him just to get some peace and quiet. Nate tells us that Brad appears to be safe for at least one vote. "Do you think that we all have your back after we saw you sell out your other tribe? Are you dumb?"

The next morning finds Jonathan working his butt off while everyone else lies around. Jon is trying to secure his alliance with Adam. Jon wants to get the old tribe back together. Adam seems on board for that. He's just happy to have someone want to make that kind of deal with him. And with Candice in his pocket and Parvati on his side, why not make that deal with Jonathan. Sets Adam up to a potential Final Three with the girls.

Probst sighting!! The immunity challenge is really cool. Each tribe will paddle a glass bottom boat out into the water searching for targets. When the crosshairs on the boat match the target underneath, they'll drop a cannonball. If it hits the target, two buoys will be released. Once they have the six buoys, they'll read a clue and the buoys will spell out a secret word. Jonathan, Parvati, Nate and Rebecca will take part for Raro.

Aitu gets off to a fast start, as always. However, they can't seem to connect with a target. It's Raro who strikes first. For that matter, they also strike second. Trailing 4 buoys to none, Aitu can't buy a hit. Finally, they get one, closing the gap to 4-2. Then it happens. My man Yul figures it out. He can get a better view of the target by looking through the cannonball hole, then by using the crosshairs on the boat. With this new knowledge, Aitu quickly scoops up their other four buoys and head for shore to figure out the secret word. Meanwhile, Jonathan has wasted a cannonball, and when Probst points it out, Jonathan mouths off a little bit. "Jonathan getting frustrated by me," is Probst's response. And this is why he's still the cream of the reality show host crop. But, back to Aitu, with the whole "mutiny" theme, it should be no surprise that the secret word is Bounty. And Aitu has a second straight win!


Jonathan is glad to have Candice back, maybe they won't look at him so much now. Parvati and Candice get together and Candice wastes about five seconds before she sells out Jon and how close he got to Yul and everyone else over at Aitu. Adam and Nate talk some strategy. Adam suggests they should still get rid of Brad and keep Jonathan because he's afraid Brad will jump ship when the tribes merge and Jon won't be able to, because Aitu wouldn't take him. They also decide that since Jonathan wants to do all the work to fit in now, they may as well take advantage of that.

Now's the time on Survivor where Candice and Adam make me literally sick to my stomach. Not since the Joe Millionaire *slurp, slurp* segment has a couple been more annoying to me. The only thing that really comes out of this is that she convinces Adam that Jonathan is not his ally and that he should be gone. Adam hooks up with Nate to pass on this new development, but they seem to think that it's too late to switch gears now.

The Tribal conversation centers on the mutiny. "...we'll just pick them off like zits," is how Jenny talks about the newcomers. Several minutes are spent listening to Jonathan kiss more butt. It's like this whole thing is little more than a plea for Jonathan to stay in the tribe. And I thought all the political ads stopped on Tuesday. Last question is for Brad, and he comes up with the dumbest answer since "it's every man for himself." Jeff asks him about trust and Brad honestly says that he doesn't trust his tribe. Dude, just because you feel that way doesn't mean you have to say it. If there was anyone in the Council area wavering on who to vote for, you may as well just write your name down for them. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

And, not surprisingly, Brad finally pays the price for his dumbness. And it's unanimous. But we're not done with twists. Jeff drops the bomb that Brad is the first member of the jury. What?? In every other season, there have been seven jurors and two finalists. Now, we're set up for ten jurors and two finalists. And you know they won't want to have a tie, so I don't think the surprises are done.

Next time on Survivor, Candice and Adam might finally bump uglies. And there's a mysterious bottle guaranteed to turn the game on its head. What could be in there? Maybe it's a way to deal with the jury so there won't be a tie. I guess we'll have to wait til next week to find out. Til then, take care!

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