The Amazing Race 2020 Recap

Episode 8: Are You a Rickshaw?

By Kim Hollis & David Mumpower

December 2, 2020

The Amazing Race

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Previously on The Amazing Race, somebody threw under sisters Kaylynn & Haley. Yes, the long-lasting feud (in the mind of James & Will, anyway) finally came to an end as Leo & Alana exited.

Also, tonight is a Double Leg. What does that mean? Yes, we’re looking at two episodes yet again.

The producers of this show clearly hate us. Two shows? On Thanksgiving eve? But why?

Teams will now depart from Kazakhstan, as gleeful unrepentant villains Will & James depart first. They’ll be headed to Hyderabad, India, considered the cyber capital of the country. Since this is a Mega Leg, there are double Detours and Roadblocks, along with a LOT of distance.

Since it’s a Mega Leg, we’ll place the odds of non-elimination at 87 percent.

A lot of the teams wonder what a cyber city is, but Eswar and Aparna were born in India and consider themselves techies, so they feel comfortable with what’s coming their way.

By the way, with Kaylynn & Haley at the back of the pack, it’s getting to be near time for the five-team alliance to start turning on each other. DeAngelo & Gary are certainly on the outs, and Eswar & Aparna aren’t really in the inner circle, either.

At the first clue box in India, teams must flag down three auto-rickshaws so that they can perform a smog test on them.

“Are you a rickshaw?” James asks a gentleman. Ugly Americans, indeed.

Eswar & Aparna find the most initial success, while James barks out instructions to Will. The most difficult part of the challenge seems to be flagging down the rickshaws. Presumably the drivers don’t want to stop because they’re actually driving customers.

As always, Kaylynn & Haley are in last place.

Eswar & Aparna are first to complete the task, and now are tasked with a Detour that requires them to complete food deliveries for a company called Swiggy. Alternately, they can play a game that asks them to catch ones and zeroes as they fall down the screen. You can’t miss any numbers - if they slip through, you have to start over.

“Binary codes are ones and zeroes,” Chee mansplains to Hung.

“Yes, I understand, Chee,” she responds derisively.

DeAngelo & Gary win their game first, and use their code to decipher a clue. Both men say they enjoy gaming, which tracks.

Kaylynn & Haley are lost. Again.


Eventually, the clue tells our players, “You can find the clues in the fourth floor bunker.” Will & James find it first, and their next clue reminds them that their next clue will allow them to use
a Yield if they still have one. The boyfriends say they’ll pause the blondes.

Hung & Chee find the numbers game challenge to be a massive challenge, which allows Eswar & Aparna and DeAngelo & Gary to move ahead of them.

For the Roadblock, it’s some sort of hat match game challenge. Basically you have to match imaginary digital people in hats with real people wearing the same or similar hats. James finds it to be difficult, mainly because it’s all in the details on this one. It’s also a little weird to scan for fake faces.

The sisters are still lost, while Hung & Chee cannot master the numbers game. The husband-wife team swaps over to the other Detour. Riley & Maddison finally decode the clue.

Joining Hung & Chee at the food delivery challenge are Kaylynn & Haley, who may have gained a bit of time. Hung & Chee seem to be really solid here, and if they hadn’t lost so much time gaming, they might be well ahead. Kaylynn & Haley struggle, though. When their operator giving them physical directions tell them to cross the road, they simply don’t understand.

Over at the turban challenge, it’s a needlessly complex assignment. James doesn’t understand what he’s doing wrong, and you can’t double up on turbaned gentlemen with another team.

Swiggy Operator 217 and Hung have some real chemistry, perhaps because he doesn’t mansplain things to her. Kaylynn & Haley acknowledge that their operator gives them good directions, but they’re struggling with seeing the way in front of them.

As James continues to struggle to comprehend the Turban challenge, we wonder why the beard brothers don’t help him. Eventually, Gary explains the issue to James, but we’re sure they’ll continue to keep the football players on the outside of the alliance. Hung & Chee catch up to the boyfriends and the brother/sister team.

Next up, teams will go to Charminar via rickshaw.

Kaylynn & Haley are presumably four years behind the other teams. Correction, they just got to the yield, so it’s four years and 20 minutes.

Eswar continues to be terrible, though, so maybe the sisters can catch up.

Yeah, right.



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