Weekend Wrap-Up

By Tim Briody

May 5, 2019


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Avengers: Endgame does not break the record for the biggest second weekend of all-time, so honestly, what was the point of all this?

I'm just kidding of course, as Endgame crosses $600 million in a mere ten days and three films foolishly attempt to counterprogram.

It's a second weekend of $145.8 million for Avengers: Endgame, a 59% decline from the biggest weekend of all time. It looks like Disney is estimating it to fall just short of the second weekend record of $149.2 million, held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It's not quite over yet, as the opening weekend for Endgame was underestimated significantly ($350 million to a $357.1 million actual), so we'll see if Disney is just playing coy here.

If it doesn't take the second weekend record, the consolation prize is that Endgame now has $619.6 million in just ten days. That's already good for ninth place all-time. And by the time we're discussing next weekend, it will be in fourth place, passing Infinity War's $678.8 million, and very likely in third, becoming the fourth $700 million film ever.

Also in just its first ten days in theaters? It's now the second biggest film worldwide with $2.19 billion. Avatar and its $2.79 billion have been put on notice.

It feels weird to say for something that is very close to being a lock to end up as the biggest movie of all-time, but right now, there's just nothing much else to add about Endgame's performance, and we've still got several more weeks of talking about it. In a world with literally millions of entertainment options, it's incredible that there's still something that's able to become a national cultural phenomenon to this extent. (Not even Game of Thrones. Don't at me, as the kids say.)

Three new releases tried this weekend, and the best of the lot was The Intruder, with $11 million. A thriller starring Michael Ealy, Megan Good and Dennis Quaid, The Intruder overcame miserable reviews (27% Fresh at Rotten Tomatoes) to have a respectable opening weekend, especially with a reported budget of $8 million. It'll disappear quickly after this weekend, but you can't ever say anything bad at a film that makes its budget back on opening weekend.


Romantic comedy Long Shot comes in third with $10 million. Starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, the comedy had surprisingly strong reviews (83% Fresh), but comedy is one of the toughest genres to sell right now. It also cost $40 million, and Long Shot definitely is one to make that back in theaters.

The third opener places fourth and is the biggest disappointment of the weekend as UglyDolls earns $8.5 million in 3,652 theaters. Yikes. Based on series of plush toys (can a Funko Pop movie be far behind?), I get that they were going for kids who are too young to sit through Endgame's three hour running time, but the timing was still pretty poor. The good news is STX Entertainment only spend about $50 million on this; the bad news is they won't get that back in theaters.

Captain Marvel's magical run finally comes to an end with a 49% decline to $4.2 million and $420.7 million in nine weekends. Now solidly the sixth biggest Marvel movie of all time (behind the four Avengers films and Black Panther), remember when some nerds thought this was going to ruin Marvel? Ha ha.

Lots of older releases make up the rest of the chart, so we'll hit the lightning round: Easter weekend release Breakthrough earns $3.9 million (down 42%) in its fourth weekend and has $33.2 million to date. Horror entry The Curse of La Llorona adds $3.5 million (down 56%) and has $48.1 million in three weekends on just a $9 million budget. Shazam! earns $2.4 million (down 56%) and has $135.1 million after five weekends. Little adds $1.4 million and has $38.5 million after four weekends, and Dumbo wraps things up this weekend with $1.4 million and $109.7 million after six weekends.

With everything out of the way of Endgame, next weekend begins a string of big releases, as the summer movie season is officially here. It begins with Detective Pikachu, which, while not a threat to Endgame's weekend crown, is going to have an incredibly strong weekend.

Top Ten for Weekend of May 3-5, 2019
Gross ($)
Weekly Change
Gross ($)
1 Avengers: Endgame Walt Disney 145.8 -59% 619.6
2 The Intruder Sony Pictures 11.0 New 11.0
3 Long Shot Lionsgate 10.0 New 10.0
4 UglyDolls STX Enertainment 8.5 New 8.5
5 Captain Marvel Walt Disney 4.2 -49% 420.7
6 Breakthrough 20th Century Fox 3.9 -42% 33.2
7 The Curse of La Llorona Warner Bros. 3.5 -56% 48.1
8 Shazam! Warner Bros. 2.4 -56% 135.1
9 Little Universal 1.4 -58% 38.5
10 Dumbo Walt Disney 1.4 -59% 109.7
Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations



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