Survivor: Edge of Extinction - Episode 6 Recap

It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever - Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

March 26, 2019

Friend to chickens.

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Hello again good people and thanks for sticking around for Part 2 of our Edge of Extinction double episode. Quickie recap - the season showed signs of life in the first hour and Aubry went to Extinction with an idol and an extra vote. That's gotta hurt.

We segue right into the next morning with Aubry at the Edge of Extinction, this is Day 14. She's blown away about the vote last night, "like JT level embarrassment." True story. She tells us, though, that she's used to being on the bottom and that's where she thrives, so she's coming back. And with that...

Probst Sighting!! Shock is in play when they see Aubry gone. Joe suggests that Kama-Strong is no more. Today's reward challenge will see the players jump over some table obstacles until they get to a knot tying station. Free a lever and pull down a bunch of sandbags. All sandbags have to get into a bin before they can start the carnival game of sandbag target throwing. First team to hit the targets enough to raise 2 flags wins reward - coffee and pastries. Second place gets some iced coffee and cookies. Third place - got nothing for ya.

I'd break down the entire challenge for you, but what's the point. Joey Amazing is, once again, amazing and Kama wins reward. The other 2 are playing for second place and Gavin, he of the sweet pineapple shirt, proves to be pretty darn good at a carnival game as well and Manu wins second place. Lesu, not even close. And in fact, they pretty well embarrassed themselves. Well, not to much the entire tribe, but Wardog for sure. Not sure The Wardog has ever thrown a baseball. Not only did he miss the target most of the time, when he did hit it, it went backwards. Lauren is the only one for Lesu who actually hits the targets, but it was too little too late. Once again, Lesu will be hungry today. If the Survivor Gods are at all merciful, they'll merge soon to stop the bleeding.

It's time to watch Kama celebrate another reward. Everyone loves Joe for all the wins, but he's not really feeling it. He wants their protection once the merge comes, but he doesn't expect to get it. And he shouldn't. If he loses a challenge, he's gone. Period. End of story. We get a confessional from him where he breaks down a little with Aubry being gone. He is feeling utterly alone out there. And honestly, he probably should. He is target #1. And there's really nothing he can do about it. But he gives it a shot. He is alone with Julia and actually makes a pretty solid pitch to her. He suggests to her that he and she are BOTH big threats in this game and they'll both be targets after the merge. This actually gets her thinking a little bit. She doesn't want to be a threat in this game. Maybe she needs to change it up a bit.

Lesu is wallowing in their misery. David wants to do some fishing. No one else seems all that interested in it. Lauren is starting to lose it a little. She hates the camp, the rice makes her sick and she's crying a lot. The Wardog tells us how he thinks that fishing is waste of time. It wastes energy that they need for the challenges. He is worried about Lauren, though, and decides to try to get Kelley and David on board to take Lauren out when they lose again. They're returning players, so naturally they agree. But in a conversation alone neither one of them are feeling The Wardog. He does nothing around camp except trying to strategize and number crunch all the time. And out of necessity, a new alliance is born. David and Wentworth lock it in and decide to ride or die. Should have done this from the beginning, but let's see how it works out.

Oh joy, we get to check in on Bitter Island aka the Edge of Extinction. They have more maps. Reem is complaining that they need to wait this time to go look. Everyone starts folding the maps, but it's different this time. They go looking and there's nothing there. Devens is smarter than the rest. He realizes the key for this map is different, he lined up all the holes on the map and this one is on the beach. But apparently, he's not smart enough as he's digging around the mast and comes up empty. Keith and Reem are on the beach and she sees something floating. Keith grabs it and that's how the advantage that Reem found somehow became Keith's. His "advantage" is to give a bunch of knots for 1 player to have to untie when they battle to get back in the game. And next is an amazing blow up from Reem because as she's complaining about how she found the advantage but Keith got it. So Chris kinda jokes about how she gave him the advantage and now she's pissed and yelling and cussing at Chris. Why? Because she's an idiot, she's bitter, has no chance to get back in the game and the teeny tiny little shot she might have had, she gave away.

If you'll indulge me, for a minute, this seemed like the perfect time to get Reem to quit. Chris was taken aback by her outburst. I'd have gone a different direction. There's no rules her, no vote. There's no reason to be nice to her and try to placate her. This is where you go on the offensive and I mean the absolute brutal offensive. Just start screaming back at her about how stupid it was to give the advantage to him and that all the yelling in the world at me won't change the fact that she just gave her game away. I don't care if she's pissed. Don't like it - leave. You know where the mast is, Reem - use it. You can't get back in the game now anyway...etc, etc. I mean, I'd have lost my ever loving mind on her. Seriously, I cannot stand her. She cannot get back into this game. I honestly might stop the recaps until Season 39 if she gets back in the game. But I digress...


This leads us to our next Probst Sighting!!! Today’s immunity challenge we're gonna switch things up. This time we're gonna run through obstacles and then do a puzzle. Yep, that's how I feel too. The big switch today is that there will be only 1 winner. The other 2 tribes will both go to Tribal Council!! Whoa - a 3 boot night? I love it! Maybe Kama will finally lose and go to Tribal tonight? Nah - Kama wins, once again on the back of Joey Amazing. Both Lesu and Manu will be going to Tribal. I should mention that if someone else were to ever win, I wouldn't "yadda yadda" through these sections, but seriously, what's the point? Other than to mention that The Wardog really sucks at these challenges. But wait, there's another twist. Both tribes will go to Tribal together and only 1 person will be voted out. As we head to break, David breaks it down to a potential 4-4 tie and rock draw. And he's gone to rocks, so don't be shocked if he does it again.

And we're back from commercial and it's time to play, "It's Anyone But a Rock Draw". We begin at Manu and Eric breaks things down the same as David. We join the group as they discuss sticking together. Wendy tells them that she's pretty sure if they go for Wardog, David will flip. The rest of the group agrees but for a really stupid reason. They seem to think that a returning player won't go to rocks. What? Especially one that HAS gone to rocks? And pre-merge at that? That's some really faulty logic there. Eric and Gavin discuss rocks and they're both locked in to draw. Victoria, on the other hand, tells us she will NOT go to rocks for these people, "Don't trust me, man." Perfect - that's a winner's confessional right there.

Over at Lesu, Wentworth wants to go after Victoria at first. But Wardog thinks the better plan is to target Wendy. Will any of those people really draw a rock to save Wendy? Of course, he does this in typical Wardog fashion - which is to dictate to the group that this is the plan. While they don't like being told what to do, the rest do seem to agree that this is probably the smart move. Lauren is worried that the votes will be coming her way and she seems to be wavering on sticking Lesu strong. David smartly points out to them that he HAS gone to rocks before and he's ready to do it again. As Wardog figures out yet another way to get out of doing any work around camp, he decides to go look for an idol. This, naturally, sparks a full on tribe idol hunt. We get an amazing scene here as we watch Wardog looking for an idol all over the ground, while it is literally less than 2 feet away from him tied to a tree. Wentworth sees it and as soon as Wardog moves on, Kelley grabs that Lesu idol. That gives the girls 2 idols and the knowledge that at least one person on their tribe will be getting 4 votes. Now, will they guess correctly? And if so, will they pull the trigger on an idol?

The discussion at Tribal is much different this time. Both tribes confirm that it was nice not to have to plot against each other, but to focus only on the other tribe. There's a lot of back and forth about how neither side is going to flip, blink or turn. Now we get several questions around Big Wendy and where she is, having lived with both groups. Jeff brings up the rock draw and I think David really nails it here when he says, "I'm someone who's been to rocks. I go to rocks for my people. And if it has to come to rocks tonight, then that's exactly what's going to happen." That sums it up and oddly enough, Victoria doesn't believe it. At this time, the whispering between Lesu members begins. And now Manu starts whispering. In a brilliant move, David asks Wendy if they can talk away from the group, which they do. If Manu thinks Lesu is going to fold on this, they are kidding themselves right now. They're locked in. And it's time to vote.

Idols? Anyone playing them? Nope, not today! Wow!! As expected, the first vote is a 4-4 tie down Tribal lines. Four votes for Lauren (as expected) and four votes for Big Wendy. Wardog's plan is a-go! And with that, it's time to revote. Wendy and Lauren will not vote. Everyone else will vote. And now everybody's whispering and they're talking across Tribal lines now. All kinds of chatter, everyone talking to everyone and all I'm really getting out of any of this is that David and Lesu are locked and loaded and I'm not so sure about Manu. Jeff reads the votes and it is unanimous - Wendy is voted out of Survivor. But before she goes, she finally gets Jeff to call her Big Wendy. "Big Wendy, the tribe has spoken." She also scams a hug from Probst and in true Big Wendy fashion; she gets lost on the way out of Tribal. "I'm not good with paths." What? At any rate, she finally finds the fork in the road and without hesitation takes the torch and heads out to Extinction Island.

Next time on Survivor: "It's that time. Everybody drop your buffs, we are merged." This is a place I feel like I need to pause for a second. It has to be mentioned that this is now 2 seasons in a row (Second Chance and EoE) where any tribe with Joe Anglim on it has been safe from Tribal Council from Day 1 to the merge. That is a grand total of 13 Tribal Immunities in a row. Mix in that his tribes won something like 8 of 10 rewards in that same time frame and that he has won a metric crap ton of individual immunities and rewards, we have to take a second to mention that we will never see a challenge beast like Joey Amazing. I'm sure he won't win this game, I'm sure he can't. But what can't be denied is that he is the best we're ever going to see at these challenges and it's a real shame that this makes him such a huge target. I mean, last time around, he had to pass out in the middle of a challenge to lose and be voted out. So, hats off to Joe!! Back to the preview - we're merged!! Also, "C'mon in guys!" Holy shit - the outcasts are back, everyone is freaking out and Reem gets to give everyone one last dirty look before she mercifully (for me anyway) loses and finally leaves the game. This is a challenge, but not for the people still in the game. It's for the people on the Edge to try to get back in the game and it looks like it's winner take all.

Before we sign off, we join the Edge of Extinction as Aubry comes back with some Tree Mail saying simply, "It's time. Get on the boat." Looks like this season might be saved after all. Next week should go a long way in helping me determine how much I'm going to like this season, that's for sure. Until then, take care kids!



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