Friday Box Office Analysis

By Kim Hollis

March 9, 2019

Iron Man told her to throw up the horns.

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All hail Captain Marvel, new heroine of the MCU and especially the box office for 2019 to date!

Look, Captain Marvel was always going to be something special when its release arrived. The only question was scale. $100 million would have been a perfectly acceptable total for the launch of a new, lesser known quantity. After all, characters like Doctor Strange and Ant-Man are decidedly lesser Marvel even if both are members of the Avengers. On the other hand, all we really knew about Captain Marvel prior to today was that Nick Fury tried to get in touch with her before Thanos snapped his fingers last year in Avengers: Infinity War.

We certainly know a lot more about Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers aka Vers now, don't we? I say that because based on Friday's numbers, I can only assume that you have already gone out to see Captain Marvel in theaters. I know I saw it last night, and my theater was obviously sold out. It had kind of a fun effect I hadn't realized - it makes for a good date night movie for guys and girls because the dudes like superhero films and the girls are enjoying the female empowerment the movie offers - even if Black Panther frankly did a better job of it. Yes, I'm stereotyping. And obviously there are plenty of other types of date nights. But I did see a lot of those types of couples in my theater last night, and it was kind of fun.


Yesterday, our sole new release (for good reason) earned $61.4 million, which does include $20.7 million from Thursday night previews. The big question now is whether the film will be frontloaded. Based on demand and the appeal to kids and younger audiences, I'm inclined to say no. It's a super family-friendly Avengers movie. So, if it holds up the way I expect it to today and tomorrow, it should finish right at $160 million for the weekend. Disney is everything and everywhere. Deal with it.

By the way, Captain Marvel will probably be the top film for 2019 after two days of box office. Fun, huh?

If you're wondering, it has also made $127 million from international venues thus far. Since Captain Marvel has mostly positive reviews (79 percent fresh at the box office) and great word-of-mouth (A Cinemascore), I think it'll be a huge factor for a good time to come, and will take us straight into the big finish for the Avengers next month(!).



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