2019 Oscars Live Blog

February 25, 2019

Spike Lee has huggies for everyone!

7pm Eastern, you can check out looks and live red carpet coverage at https://twitter.com/TheAcademy - Max Braden, 7:00 pm
Sam Rockwell is not only a nominee, he's also making some side gig money as the bouncer for tonight. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:01 pm
James MacAvoy bringing us the key information about being a side or back sleeper. Riveting stuff! - Reagen Sulewski, 7:22 pm
Amy Adams: "For the love of God don't embarrass me family, or I will send you back to whatever midwestern hell hole I don't even remember where I came from!" - Reagen Sulewski, 7:24 pm
Jason Momoa is all of us at an awkward prom. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:26 pm
Rami Malek with Ryan Seacrest sounding like he's warming up his Best Actor speech. - Max Braden, 7:35 pm
These red carpet interviews are useful information for casing the houses of previous Oscar winners. "And the safe combo for where you keep your Oscar is..." - Reagen Sulewski, 7:36 pm
Mark Consuelos just had the most hilarious combination of *super firm handshake* and then *barely making contact hug* with Ryan Seacrest. That's some high test insecurity on display. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:37 pm
J.Lo must sound like a box of broken dishes walking in that dress. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:41 pm
Everyone remember to hit the bathroom before the show starts; looking at you, Bradley Cooper. - Max Braden, 7:43 pm

Spike Lee got oooold. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:47 pm
Sam Rockwell stealing Jackie Earle Haley's look. - Max Braden, 7:51 pm
Ryan Seacrest is coming dangerously close to nestling his mic hand in Allison Janney's cleavage. - Max Braden, 7:54 pm
ARE YOU READY TO ROCK??????? - Kim Hollis, 8:00 pm
Man, the Grammys II is *lit*. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:00 pm
Give it up for Queen! Nobody rocks harder than a man born during the 1940s!!! - David Mumpower, 8:01 pm
Queen opening the Oscars might be better than Billy Crystal's opening musical numbers. Close call. - Max Braden, 8:01 pm
(Really, though, he does rock pretty hard.) - Kim Hollis, 8:02 pm
This little show provided a better insight of Queen and Mercury than Bohemian Rhapsody did! - Felipe Rosa, 8:02 pm
"And now we're going to play the entirety of A Night at the Opera. Sorry Documentary categories, you're cut!" - Reagen Sulewski, 8:02 pm
Currently singing: the gentleman whose soul Freddie Mercury consumed in order to be young again. Welcome to the 0219 Oscars, everybody! - David Mumpower, 8:03 pm
When are we getting to the operatic section? - Kim Hollis, 8:03 pm
Queen may be singing We Are the Champions, but it's a lie for 80% of the nominees. - David Mumpower, 8:03 pm
I already miss having a host. - George Rose, 8:03 pm
On my Queen's Greatest Hits album I had when I was a kid, the next song after "We Are the Champions" was the Flash Gordon theme. So I always get that stuck in my head. - Kim Hollis, 8:04 pm
Gotta say, I'm a real sucker for film montages at the Oscars - Jason Lee, 8:05 pm
"Okay, y'all hated Kevin Hart, but you liked Freddie Mercury, right? We'll project his face on a giant screen since he was not at all controversial!" - David Mumpower, 8:05 pm
Nobody let Thanos snap his fingers or A Star Is Born turns into a solo film, and BlacKkKlansman becomes Ron Stallworth talking on the phone to no one. Although that latter one is better than real life. - David Mumpower, 8:06 pm
In this montage: A whole bunch of films they didn't see fit to nominate. Get Sorry To Bother You's name out your mouth, Academy! - Reagen Sulewski, 8:06 pm
Please, Tina, Amy, Maya--just stay the whole time!! - Jason Lee, 8:06 pm
Take your first shot in the Oscars Political Jabs Drinking Game! - Max Braden, 8:07 pm
“Wakanda plans you got later?” This just became my new pickup line. - George Rose, 8:08 pm
This could have happened during the breaks! - Felipe Rosa, 8:09 pm
The dangerous first ten minutes of the Oscars have passed. Status: phew, everything's going to be okay. - Max Braden, 8:10 pm
The Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress goes to Regina King, If Beale Street Could Talk. - Kim Hollis, 8:11 pm
I don't know what Rachel Weisz has planned later wearing that outfit but count me in. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:12 pm
So very deserved for Regina King! - Felipe Rosa, 8:12 pm
I want to be excited for Regina King but all I can think about is Rachel Weisz’s Fruit Roll-Up dress. - George Rose, 8:12 pm
Twenty-two years after Cuban Gooding Jr. won for Jerry Maguire, Regina King finally gets her due. That's Hollywood for you. Fun fact: Huey and Riley Freeman from The Boondocks now have an Oscar! - David Mumpower, 8:12 pm
Follow along BOP's Oscar Predictions walk of shame at http://www.boxofficeprophets.com/column/index.cfm?columnID=19719 or the site front page. - Max Braden, 8:12 pm
The Oscars so often rivals the Grammys for odd pairings/mash-ups. Here, Aquaman and the Queen. - Jason Lee, 8:14 pm
"It's black-tie, Jason!" "pff, eh." - Max Braden, 8:14 pm
Lisa Bonet should be concerned. That's all I'm saying. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:15 pm
I didn’t see any of the Documentary nominees so I don’t have a horse in this race. - George Rose, 8:16 pm
If you haven't come close to throwing up out of nerves lately, be sure to check out Free Solo. Then check out RBG breaking Honnold's record in Free Solo 2. - Max Braden, 8:16 pm
The Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature goes to Free Solo. - Kim Hollis, 8:17 pm
RBG was the only one I got to see so far. - Krusty, 8:18 pm
Speaking of which, BOP's collective opinion was that Regina King would win Best Supporting Actress and Free Solo would win Best Documentary Feature. - David Mumpower, 8:18 pm
Directly up the stairs, Alex Honnold? Really? That's the easy way. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:18 pm
I thought Free Solo was a sequel to Solo - A Star Wars Story. - Felipe Rosa, 8:18 pm
I don’t suppose less commercials is an option to help cut down on the runtime, is it? - George Rose, 8:20 pm
I understand that Rachel Weisz was up for a role in Vice but then it turned into an Abbott and Costello routine and everyone gave up out of confusion. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:20 pm
Ok, never mind, that Google commercial was amazing. Bring on the advertisements! - George Rose, 8:23 pm
Based on her 2019, Weisz wanted to play Lynne Cheney as a lesbian. (PS: Watch Disobedience, everyone!) - David Mumpower, 8:23 pm
You guys are lucky not watching the commercial breaks in Brazilian cable. - Felipe Rosa, 8:25 pm
Should have had Tom Morello open the show. ARE YOU READY TO ROCK??????? - Kim Hollis, 8:25 pm
Vice isn't nominated in Cinematography but it had some amazing shots. - Max Braden, 8:25 pm
So does Tom Morello just talk like that in real life? All music metaphors, all the time? - Reagen Sulewski, 8:25 pm
That is the droopiest bow tie I've ever seen. It looks like it's trying to slump away from the presenter's chin. - Jason Lee, 8:25 pm
Mary Queen of Scots: the non-Favourite - Max Braden, 8:26 pm
The Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling goes to Vice. - Kim Hollis, 8:26 pm
Three people from Vice go up to accept the award for Best Makeup and promptly demonstrate more awkwardness than you'd see on 10,000 first dates. - David Mumpower, 8:28 pm
Melissa McCarthy looks like she stole Whoopi's bird costume from the last time she hosted. - Jason Lee, 8:28 pm
Sadly, that is not the way to give a speech, Vice MUAs. - Felipe Rosa, 8:28 pm
And the Best Actress award goes too... Melissa McCarthy for her contribution to the Oscars ceremony! - George Rose, 8:29 pm
#bunnyfabulousness Melissa, shantay, you stay - Jason Lee, 8:29 pm
I am getting old. I recognized about 10% of the presenters so far. - Felipe Rosa, 8:30 pm
Brian Tyree Henry: "So you want me to wear what? Won't that be embarrassing?" Melissa McCarthy: "Not a soul will know you were there." - Reagen Sulewski, 8:30 pm
The Academy Award for Best Costume Design goes to BLACK PANTHER! - Kim Hollis, 8:31 pm
Hopefully, this is the start of a big night for Black Panther, the best of the Best Picture nominees this year! Come at me, internet! - David Mumpower, 8:32 pm
The roar of support from the audience for Ruth's nomination and win leads me to contemplate, for the first time, the real possibility of a win for Best Picture for Black Panther - Jason Lee, 8:32 pm
See, makeup people? This is how you give a speech. - Kim Hollis, 8:33 pm
TIL how to pronounce Kevin Feige's last name. - Eric Hughes, 8:33 pm
Not gonna lie, I assumed Free Solo was a film by some neckbeard who hated The Last Jedi and wanted to give the Star Wars franchise "back to the fans" or some nonsense. - Tim Briody, 8:33 pm
Is it just me, or does TurboTax appear to have hired Geico's marketing agency? - Jason Lee, 8:35 pm
The Costume Designers Guild Awards breaks their nominees into three groups: Contemporary, Period, and SciFi/Fantasy. Those winners were Crazy Rich Asians, The Favourite, and Black Panther. BOP was fairly split on the last two. - Max Braden, 8:35 pm
Please welcome Captain America and his Shield. - Max Braden, 8:38 pm
If Black Panther wins Production Design then we have a serious Best Picture threat on our hands. - George Rose, 8:39 pm
The Academy Award for Production Design goes to BLACK PANTHER! - Kim Hollis, 8:40 pm
With 20% of the Oscar category results in, CNN is now prepared to call it for Black Panther. - Max Braden, 8:41 pm
Not missing a host AT ALL so far. - Felipe Rosa, 8:41 pm
Gotta say, the Black Panther team is winning the Best Costume Design for Outfits Worn to the Oscars so far - Jason Lee, 8:41 pm
*bloop* Not now, Words With Friends! - Reagen Sulewski, 8:41 pm
It's nice that the Academy has done the right thing rather than the easy thing in favoring Black Panther over The Favourite. - David Mumpower, 8:42 pm
Madea Goes to the Oscars - Jason Lee, 8:43 pm
Naw, it's Boo! 3, A Madea Halloween: Madea Goes to the Oscars - Reagen Sulewski, 8:44 pm
Soon to be a major motion picture? - David Mumpower, 8:44 pm
All kidding aside, Tyler Perry deserved a nomination for Gone Girl. Keep coming at me, internet! - David Mumpower, 8:45 pm
Someone better straighten his tie before Alfonso goes back up to accept Best Director in three hours - Jason Lee, 8:45 pm
The Academy Award for Best Cinematography goes to Roma. - Kim Hollis, 8:45 pm
"Oscaris." - Max Braden, 8:46 pm
Cue internet memes of RBG riding Drogon into the Supreme Court chamber - Jason Lee, 8:48 pm
Jennifer Hudson has some pipes! - Felipe Rosa, 8:49 pm
Jenny McCarthy thinks she might be a professional singer but isn't sure. - Max Braden, 8:49 pm
Our Staff Consensus Pick has accurately represented my opinion of Jennifer Hudson's dress - Jason Lee, 8:52 pm
It's attained sentience! EVERYBODY RUN!!! - David Mumpower, 8:53 pm
Serena Williams, there’s someone I know! - Felipe Rosa, 8:54 pm
Felipe came to the Oscar telecast looking for tennis players. - David Mumpower, 8:54 pm
Jack's audience never would have accepted that song from him anyway. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:55 pm
James MacAvoy just lost 10 percent of his hearing. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:55 pm
The Academy Award for Best Sound Editing goes to Bohemian Rhapsody. - Kim Hollis, 8:57 pm
Are we sure that wasn't Olivia Coleman trying to double dip? - Reagen Sulewski, 8:58 pm
And all our Black Panther hopes get dashed like so much cocaine about to be snorted by solo artist Freddie Mercury. - David Mumpower, 8:58 pm
Gotta wonder how high Queen's sales on iTunes and streams on Spotify will rise after all this free marketing - Jason Lee, 8:59 pm
The Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing goes to Bohemian Rhapsody. - Kim Hollis, 9:00 pm
Boom operator shoutout! - Max Braden, 9:00 pm
I'll say what we're all thinking: they should have spent more time on the Highlander music sessions in Bohemian Rhapsody. Princes of the Universe is the Queen song that matters the most. - David Mumpower, 9:01 pm
Aw, c’mon, Black Panther could still win. I think Costume and Production Design speak more for its chances than sound categories. - George Rose, 9:02 pm
I officially count three queens so far appearing onstage. Four if you count Adam Lambert. - Jason Lee, 9:04 pm
Queen Latifah talking about a film about a queen. But not the Queen. I see what they did there! - Felipe Rosa, 9:04 pm
Is Rachel Weisz rebooting Eyes Wide Shut or selling Tupperware with that dress? - David Mumpower, 9:05 pm
The Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film goes to Roma. - Kim Hollis, 9:06 pm
By the end of the evening, Cuarón could have six Oscars in his career. - David Mumpower, 9:08 pm
I feel like this might get a tad repetitive tonight. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:08 pm
Cuarón knows how to give a speech! - Felipe Rosa, 9:08 pm
Emily Blunt would have performed this live, but she's gone to a quiet place - Jason Lee, 9:09 pm
Bette Midler's first Oscar-nominated performance was 40 years ago, in The Rose. - Max Braden, 9:11 pm
Tina, Amy, and Maya: not impressed with Trevor's speech - Jason Lee, 9:17 pm
"Even Mel Gibson, backstage, came up to me and said "Wakanda forever." He said another word after that, but the "Wakanda" part was nice." - Max Braden, 9:17 pm
Top overall Oscar winners: Walt Disney (26), Cedric Gibbons (11), Dennis Maureen (9), Alan Mencken (8), Edith Head (8), Rick Baker (7). - George Rose, 9:17 pm
I loved Edith Head in The Incredibles 2! - David Mumpower, 9:19 pm
Oof. This is probably one of the least deserved possible winners tonight. Great composer, mediocre editor. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:19 pm
The Academy Award for Best Film Editing goes to Bohemian Rhapsody. - Kim Hollis, 9:20 pm
"Freddie Mercury, wherever he is." That's dark, John Ottman, that's dark. - Jason Lee, 9:20 pm
Overlooked in the Bohemian Rhapsody praise is Gwilym Lee ("who?") who played Brian May. This was his first major role and though he didn't steal the movie, he contributed well, I thought. - Max Braden, 9:20 pm
Alfonso Cuaron won Best Editing in 2014 for Gravity and has four nominations tonight, but not for Editing? - George Rose, 9:20 pm
Editing is also the third most co-won award for Best Picture winners, after Director and Screenplay. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:21 pm
I guess I have no idea. Really. I may have to give up. - Felipe Rosa, 9:21 pm
Thing I just learned: Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton are dating. They should because their onscreen chemistry is dazzling. - David Mumpower, 9:22 pm
When we first saw the trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody, I was absolutely stunned by how much Gwilym Lee resembled Brian May. Just that one visual gave me a tremendous amount of confidence in the film. - David Mumpower, 9:24 pm
Is it cold there, Mahersala? - Felipe Rosa, 9:24 pm
The Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor goes to Mahershala Ali. - Kim Hollis, 9:25 pm
Ali won the SAG award and was predictable in this category, but Adam Driver and Sam Elliott would have been really solid picks for Supporting Actor. - Max Braden, 9:26 pm
Mahershala Ali strikes me as the friend that everyone wants to have in life. - David Mumpower, 9:26 pm
Bonvoy . . . age? - Jason Lee, 9:28 pm
Michelle Yeoh is one of four people on this earth who, upon appearing, always makes me want to say, "YAAASSSS QWEEN." - Jason Lee, 9:30 pm
Oh my god another dude wearing a beanie on the Oscars stage. - Eric Hughes, 9:31 pm
"Suck it, Kathleen Kennedy!" - Reagen Sulewski, 9:32 pm
Pharrell saying "Oh yeah, sorry sorry sorry" briefly felt like the Moonlight mixup, but he'd just forgotten to read the names after the movie title. - Max Braden, 9:32 pm
The Academy Award for Best Animated Feature goes to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. - Kim Hollis, 9:32 pm
Kacey Musgraves wearing one of Katy Perry's dresses - Jason Lee, 9:33 pm
Lord and Miller were snubbed the Oscar nom and win for LEGO Movie at the 2015 show, and their Spider-Verse win more than makes up for that. Such a great movie. - George Rose, 9:33 pm
Well, there’s an award for the best Marvel film of the last many years! - Felipe Rosa, 9:33 pm
The politics of Into the Spider-Verse are interesting. It's a Marvel property, which means Disney owns it. Somehow, it seems like they've lost horribly in the category. Sony made the film that beat two Disney releases also nominated, and it's a Lord/Miller production, the two dudes Disney fired from Solo: A Star Wars Story, which -- coincidentally or not -- bombed horribly without them. - David Mumpower, 9:34 pm
Hi all! Sorry to be missing most of this! How’s everyone doing with their predictions so far? Bohemian looking strong - J. Don Birnam, 9:35 pm
Nice to see that someone was inspired by the Layer Cake dress from Firefly! - Kim Hollis, 9:35 pm
The entire country of Mexico just let out a collective SI SE PUEDE after we finally broke out in Best Foreign - J. Don Birnam, 9:36 pm
The musical numbers have been nice so far. That will change when Lady Gaga comes out with a flock of backup dancers to sing the song about butts from A Star is Born. - Max Braden, 9:37 pm
Cuaron may take home the most Oscars, but seriously, Queen and their music label are the real winners tonight - Jason Lee, 9:41 pm
Mexico was snubbed in 2007 when Pan’s Labrynth won three awards (Cinematography, Art Direction and Makeup) but lost Foreign Language Film. - George Rose, 9:42 pm
Spike Lee wonders if these two might be internet celebrities of some sort. - Max Braden, 9:44 pm
The Academy Award for Best Animated Short goes to Bao. - Kim Hollis, 9:44 pm
I know it's early, but damn, #OscarsNotSoWhite this year - Jason Lee, 9:45 pm
I liked Bao, but I just can't support its pro-baby eating agenda. - David Mumpower, 9:45 pm
Spike, I feel ya! - Felipe Rosa, 9:46 pm
I like how the winners of best short just kinda walked away from the mic with no sign off. - Eric Hughes, 9:47 pm
The Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject goes to Period. End of Sentence. - Kim Hollis, 9:47 pm
"I'm not crying because I'm on my period or anything. I can't believe a film about menstruation just won an Oscar." - Max Braden, 9:48 pm
Period. End of sentence. Oh, I see! Smart!! - Felipe Rosa, 9:48 pm
I love their enthusiasm and will be looking up their doc on Netflix this week - Jason Lee, 9:49 pm
Why are they talking SO LOUDLY. It's like they're trying out for Monday Night Raw. - Eric Hughes, 9:49 pm
I consider myself pretty woke but I have no idea what menstral equality is. - George Rose, 9:50 pm
Okay, the show stealer of tonight's live broadcast is that trailer for the remake of The Lion King. - David Mumpower, 9:51 pm
Disney should play it safe and *not* show the trailer with Will Smith as the genie in the live action remake of Aladdin. - Max Braden, 9:53 pm
Oh man, it's Jose Andres! He's gonna give everyone paella! - Reagen Sulewski, 9:54 pm
The Academy is pleased to announce a just-created category and its inaugural winner for Best Person of the Year: Jose Andres! - Max Braden, 9:54 pm
Damn, spoilers, Sarah. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:56 pm
If Ready Player One doesn’t win Visual Effects, I’ll just die. - George Rose, 9:57 pm
The Academy Award for Best Visual Effects goes to First Man. - Kim Hollis, 9:58 pm
Well sure, they just had Kubrick's original footage to work from. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:58 pm
From Spider-Man beanies to Slytherin scarves, the male fashion this year sure has been a head-scratcher - Jason Lee, 9:58 pm
Ugh, and the “We’re sorry we gave you great reviews but audiences completely rejected you so here’s a B.S. effects award” goes to First Man. Ready Player One was robbed! - George Rose, 9:59 pm
I'm just waiting for this stage to come alive and consume the entire audience in its toothy maw. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:59 pm
RIP George. - Kim Hollis, 9:59 pm
Best Original Song is the one category where BOP Oscar Predictions were 100% in agreement. - Max Braden, 10:01 pm
To me, Shallow is the best new song in a movie since Falling Slowly. Lady GaGa does nothing for me as a performer, but this song is magic. - David Mumpower, 10:02 pm
Can we talk about the logistics of this scene in the movie? So he hears a snippet of a song, drunk, and the next day has a fully arranged version to go on stage and ready to perform it live, needing Ally to duet it but not being sure that she'll actually perform it? Was he just going to steal her song if she didn't show up? - Reagen Sulewski, 10:02 pm
Lady Gaga, go ahead and grab that mic in front of you, then drop it. #slayed - Jason Lee, 10:03 pm
There’s nothing like a performance of the Grammy-winning “Shallow” to bring me back to life ;-P - George Rose, 10:04 pm
I assume the sheet music is all of one page? - Max Braden, 10:04 pm
Here's my problem with First Man winning for Best Visual Effects. We watched the IMAX re-release of 2001 with the new print a few weeks prior to First Man's release. The whole time I watched the 2018 release, I kept thinking how much better Kubrick's 50-year-old film was in terms of appearance. - David Mumpower, 10:04 pm
Why were they singing so orange? - Felipe Rosa, 10:05 pm
I agree David, I think of First Man as more effective in Cinematography because of how it presents a color palette in the time period, than in Visual Effects. - Max Braden, 10:06 pm
Seriously, what is up with all the giant, single shoulder pads this year? - Jason Lee, 10:07 pm
This year's trend is giant bolts of cloth randomly put on your shoulder, apparently. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:08 pm
Sir, please put down the phone and stop your Facebook Live broadcast. This is not the time. - Jason Lee, 10:08 pm
I had no skin in this category. - Felipe Rosa, 10:09 pm
I know that 120 = 120. It's a tautology and an immutable law of mathematics. Even so, the first two hours of this broadcast have gone faster than any I can recall. It's been a tight show. - David Mumpower, 10:09 pm
It always feels a little disrespectful when a presenter says YES right before the winner is announced. - George Rose, 10:09 pm
The Academy Award for Best Live Action Short goes to Skin. - Kim Hollis, 10:10 pm
Brie Larson and Sam Jackson? Wow what a random out of nowhere pairing of presenters, I wonder how they came up with - Reagen Sulewski, 10:10 pm
lol, Samuel! - Felipe Rosa, 10:10 pm
Samuel L. Jackson, what's in your envelope? - Jason Lee, 10:11 pm
Time to go to bed, clearly. - Felipe Rosa, 10:13 pm
The Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay goes to Green Book. - Kim Hollis, 10:13 pm
I'm pleased to say that tonight has been filled with surprises, even though I've disagreed with several of them. - David Mumpower, 10:14 pm
Nick Vallelonga's previous credits include such distinguished films as Choker, with the logline "A serial killer is let loose to hunt down and kill alien beings who can only survive by inhabiting human bodies." and The Corporate Ladder, a Playboy Channel film. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:14 pm
Brie got into Snoop Dogg's stash before the ceremony, right? - Reagen Sulewski, 10:15 pm
These wins break with the Writers Guild, which gave the award for Original to Eighth Grade (not nominated for the Oscar), and Adapted to Can You Ever Forgive Me? - Max Braden, 10:15 pm
Ok, maybe not. Go Spike! - Felipe Rosa, 10:15 pm
The Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay goes to BlacKkKlansman. - Kim Hollis, 10:15 pm
Let's do the right thing, indeed. - Jason Lee, 10:17 pm
I have no idea what Spike is saying, Besides the f-bomb. - Felipe Rosa, 10:18 pm
I've seen The Corporate Ladder. It had a Bond Girl, Talisa Soto, in it. - David Mumpower, 10:19 pm
Green Book and BlacKkKlansman take screenplay awards, lowering the Best Picture chances of both Roma and Black Panther. It’s still completely up for grabs at this point. - George Rose, 10:19 pm
All I'm gonna remember from Spike Lee's acceptance speech is "spikeypoo". - Eric Hughes, 10:20 pm
John David Washington not getting nominated for BlacKkKlansman is an abomination. - David Mumpower, 10:22 pm
Did the Oscars really just make a “Black people CAN swim” joke? - George Rose, 10:23 pm
That's a weird pairing of those two screenplay winners. "Hey, racism is really easy to solve" vs. "Hey, racism is endemic and intractable". - Reagen Sulewski, 10:23 pm
The Academy Award for Best Original Score goes to Black Panther. - Kim Hollis, 10:24 pm
Because when I think African poly rhythms, I think lanky Scandinavian. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:24 pm
Constance Wu apparently dressed as Belle for this year's Oscars. - Jason Lee, 10:25 pm
The Academy Award for Best Original Song goes to Shallow from A Star Is Born. - Kim Hollis, 10:27 pm
A Star Is Born (2018) follows A Star Is Born (1976) in winning Best Original Song - Jason Lee, 10:27 pm
Live your dreams. You too can go from a dress made of meat to Oscar winner. - Max Braden, 10:28 pm
That's the biggest foregone conclusion since someone cheated on a Kardashian. - David Mumpower, 10:28 pm
Why does Lady GaGa talk without yelling, like she sings? - Felipe Rosa, 10:29 pm
Just think, we have Kevin Hart's horrible tweets to thank for how smoothly this year's show has gone. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:30 pm
With only four awards remaining, George Rose and Sean Collier are tied one ahead of Ben Willoughby and two ahead of Tim Briody and Wayne Chiarella in our Oscar pool. They have 15, 14, and 13 correct picks, respectively. - David Mumpower, 10:33 pm
"There are three stages of an actor’s career. Young, old, and “You look good.”" – Burt Reynolds (1936-2018) - Max Braden, 10:33 pm
Wait, really?! Oh my gosh, I better start working on my acceptance speech! - George Rose, 10:34 pm
We're approaching the final set of awards, and honestly, can anyone say with any degree of confidence which film is likely to win Best Picture? I always knew it was going to be up for grabs, but this is absurd - Jason Lee, 10:36 pm
Reagen, indeed. That’s what I call a happy accident. A host is not missed at all. - Felipe Rosa, 10:37 pm
Yay, my viewing party has caught up to the live telecast! God bless Hulu Live and their mandatory commercial breaks. Btw, I call Bohemian Rhapsody for Best Picture. - Ben Gruchow, 10:38 pm
Also, I realize things get ready ahead of time and all, but not adding Stanley Donen at the In Memoriam makes me sad. - Felipe Rosa, 10:39 pm
ABC would have to pay me to watch Whiskey Cavalier. - Eric Hughes, 10:39 pm
I will watch Whiskey Cavalier twice to make up for the dissenters. More Lauren Cohan for me. - Max Braden, 10:40 pm
OMG I heart Richard E. Grant's reaction to seeing Babs - Jason Lee, 10:40 pm
Is anyone else playing the Marvel Movie Game with the presenters and nominees tonight? At this point, if you're not a part of the MCU, you should change your representation. - David Mumpower, 10:41 pm
You can tell how much BlacKkKlansman means to...Ms. Streisand...by all of...her...Shatner Pauses. - David Mumpower, 10:41 pm
I was on the fence for Whiskey Cavalier until I realized it was Bill Lawrence. Scrubs and Cougar Town get you a lifetime of first looks from me. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:43 pm
David: True, re: both. - Ben Gruchow, 10:43 pm
The Academy Award for Best Actor goes to Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody. - Kim Hollis, 10:46 pm
Rami Malek will now spend the entirety of his acceptance speech explaining Mr. Robot. - David Mumpower, 10:47 pm
So of the 10 most co-won awards with Best Picture presented so far, Bohemian Rhapsody has 4, Black Panther has 3, Roma has 1, BlacKkKlansman has 1 and Green Book has 1. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:49 pm
Lucy Boynton was also robbed of a Best Supporting Actress nod this year. Bohemian Rhapsody collapses without her. - David Mumpower, 10:51 pm
Re Reagen's point: still pending is Best Director - Jason Lee, 10:51 pm
Reagen: Roma has 2 and so does Green Book. - Felipe Rosa, 10:52 pm
Right, Best Director is the big prize, although they've split that 4 out of the last 6 years. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:53 pm
Felipe, I'm talking of the awards most often won with Best Picture. Supporting Actor is rarely connected with BP, and neither is Foreign Language. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:54 pm
Point taken - Felipe Rosa, 10:55 pm
Glenn Close is gonna boil the Academy's rabbit. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:59 pm
The Academy Award for Best Actress goes to Olivia Colman, The Favourite. - Kim Hollis, 10:59 pm
Colman! Everything else is forgiven!!! - Felipe Rosa, 11:00 pm
Okay, we just 0 for 20 on Best Actress. That's...not ideal. - David Mumpower, 11:00 pm
Glenn Close is almost as mad as the entire BOP staff, who all incorrectly guessed she would win Best Actress over Olivia Colman - George Rose, 11:00 pm
Say "MA Bitches!" - Kim Hollis, 11:00 pm
The good news here is that this maybe helps show that the Oscars don’t always go with the Career Achievement Choice (ala Glenn Close) for Acting categories as previously thought. - George Rose, 11:01 pm
I strongly suspect that Colman clinched this win by saying "muh bitches" during her Golden Globes acceptance speech. - David Mumpower, 11:01 pm
You know you have star power when the Oscar winner apologizes for taking your award. Colman was fantastic in The Favourite (and Hot Fuzz!) - Max Braden, 11:01 pm
Did The Favourite just enter the Best Picture race at the last second?! - George Rose, 11:02 pm
The Oscar for most amazing, heartfelt, hilarious speech goes to Olivia Colman. By a mile. - Jason Lee, 11:02 pm
I think there might have been 12 actual words in that acceptance speech. - Reagen Sulewski, 11:03 pm
I liked how Olivia Colman just shouted aloud what she was looking at. "My husband! Frances! Sam! Lady Gaga!" - Eric Hughes, 11:04 pm
The last film to co-win Best Picture and Best Actress was Million Dollar Baby in 2005. - Reagen Sulewski, 11:05 pm
Given how unpredictable this show has gone so far, and the diversity of award winners, whoever opens up the envelope for Best Picture better double and triple check it before reading off the name of the winner. - Jason Lee, 11:06 pm
For anyone who hasn't seen The Favourite - do it, even if period dramas aren't your thing. The music can be offputting along with some of the cinematography/editing, but the acting (by all three lead women) and the dialogue is great. - Max Braden, 11:06 pm
GdT: "I just want to say, that none of these movies have enough making love with the mythical sea creatures." - Reagen Sulewski, 11:07 pm
The Academy Award for Best Director goes to Alfonso Cuarón, Roma. - Kim Hollis, 11:08 pm
It feels like Cuarón is heading toward a Lifetime Achievement Oscar before he turns 60. - Max Braden, 11:09 pm
Max, agree wholeheartedly about The Favourite. Best dialogue of the year by a mile. - Felipe Rosa, 11:12 pm
Is Marvel or Netflix about to win Best Picture?! OMG I can’t wait to see! History is about to happen! - George Rose, 11:14 pm
They just played a clip of Fat Bottomed Girls during the final Best Picture clips. We are truly living in Trump's America. - David Mumpower, 11:14 pm
The Academy Award for Best Picture goes to Green Book. - Kim Hollis, 11:15 pm
done. over. good night. - Jason Lee, 11:15 pm
Congratulations, "I'm Friends with Lots of Black People so I'm not a Racist: The Movie." - Kim Hollis, 11:15 pm
The end result could be worse. But also so so so much better. - Felipe Rosa, 11:15 pm
Green Book winning Best Picture tells the story about what a horrible year 2018 was for society. - David Mumpower, 11:16 pm
And there you go, the Oscars play it safe. They give Best Picture to the easiest choice possible. - George Rose, 11:16 pm
gotta wonder what significant portion of this result is an "anti-Netflix" vote - Jason Lee, 11:16 pm
Best Picture: "Ay, I solv-ah da racism! Badda-bing-bada-boom!" - Reagen Sulewski, 11:16 pm
And the co-director of Movie 43 has an Oscar. - Reagen Sulewski, 11:17 pm
After the inexplicable three-year run of Moonlight, The Shape of Water, and Green Book, my modest goal for next year is for the Best Picture winner to be a great movie. - David Mumpower, 11:17 pm
Well I guess everyone got a piece of the pie so that’s nice, and we’ve learned that Mahershala in a supporting role will guarantee a Best Picture win. Crazy. - George Rose, 11:19 pm
So, Cuarón finishes the evening with five career Oscars but was totally jobbed on winning a second Best Picture. - David Mumpower, 11:20 pm
Congrats on fixing racism forever, America! - Tim Briody, 11:21 pm
It's like the Academy just hugged Spike Lee and then drove a thumb into his eye socket. - David Mumpower, 11:22 pm
Congrats to George Rose and Sean Collier on picking the most categories correctly! - Kim Hollis, 11:22 pm
And to think, I could have won if I didn’t let my blind love of Ready Player One distract me in the Visual Effects category. Better luck next year! - George Rose, 11:24 pm
Okay, folks. That's a wrap on the 2019 Academy Awards! Thanks as always for joining us and for reading BOP over the years. We love and appreciate you all. PS: If you want to see much better voting, check out The Calvins! - David Mumpower, 11:24 pm
Law of the Large Numbers, at its best. A lot of people voting, middle of the road is the result. - Felipe Rosa, 11:24 pm



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