Survivor: David vs. Goliath

Tribal Lines Are Blurred (Part 1)

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 5, 2018

And with that, the only male Goliath is Mike White.

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Previously on Survivor, the Davids joined forces to get rid of Dan, one of the physically strongest Goliaths. They used their vote stealer advantage AND an Idol Nullifier to do so.

Once Alec and Kara understood the vote was going to go against the Goliaths, they went ahead and voted for Angelica to show the Davids that they were with them. Of course, this just doesn’t sit well with Angelica, who goes to Christian and tells them that she can be hugely evil. Just you wait. Actually, we don’t have to. We’re not sure why the Goliaths didn’t cut her loose a few Tribal Councils ago. Or why Dan used an Idol to save her.

Meanwhile Nick and Davie realize that they can find yet another idol around the camp if they just go looking. After wandering around for a while, they find it conveniently located under the “Find Immunity Idol Here” sign. Actually, it’s just a clue that tells them one of them will have to sneak away from camp, go across the island, and locate the actual idol near the flame. If only they can figure out how to do the sneaking! (They really don’t have to because the game is fixed.)

(Alternate easy answer: Have one of them keep watch while the other one sneaks. If anyone asks, just say, “Ooooh, he’s got a really upset stomach. You do NOT want to go that way.”)

Hey, hey! It’s already time for a Reward Challenge and Probst sighting! The Surviors are divided into two teams. They have to cross a rope bridge, and once all five members are across, they have to toss three bars onto a target. The prize is a picnic.

Team Purple is Davie, Carl, Kara, Nick, and Angelica.

Team Orange is Alec, Christian, Alison, Mike, and Gabby (who hasn’t cried in this episode, if you’re wondering).

Alec gets Orange off to an early lead, but things even up quickly when Alison can’t keep her balance. Eventually, Purple takes it over and Orange is stuck waiting for the struggles of Mike and Christian.

And YET… the “bar throwing” portion of the challenge is tough, so Orange has a chance to make up some ground. Once Alec starts throwing, he is able to give his team the win. It’s picnic time, baby!

Since he was the team MVP, Alec figures it’s a great time to get some traction with the Christian and Gabby. He “flirts” with them, while Alison does her best to weasel her way in, too. Mike looks at both of them with disgust.

After digging through the picnic basket, Alec finds that they have a bunch of letters from home. If you’re wondering, yes, Gabby cries. To be fair, they all do.

The loser contestants bond over their hunger and misery. Carl is feeling the strain of the lack of food, but they all join forces to eat whatever they can eat. Even though he’s weak (or maybe because he’s weak), Carl tells everyone he wants to get rid of Alec. Kara tells Alec that he is the main target. He’s determined to win Immunity, but he’s also unfortunately sick from eating too much at the reward picnic. Alison is also sick.

Night falls, and Nick sneaks off. Davie is in fact keeping watch, but they have a problem. Alison is still super sick, so she’s up quite a bit throughout the evening.

Obviously, Nick finds the idol. Honestly, they might as well just pass out idols to all of the Davids.

Also, are they spiking the Goliath’s drinks? None of the Davids got sick from their reward food.

Probst is back again. He smarmily describes the Immunity Challenge to the group – they have to stand on a platform and hold onto a bar that goes behind their back. But wait! There’s more! If anyone feels secure in their position, they can skip the challenge to eat nachos and drink beer and margaritas. Nick, Carl, and… Angelina choose to eat nachos. Ooooooooookay. Angelina.

Mike falls off, followed quickly by Davie. The jerks at the taco bar talk about how Alec hates to be uncomfortable and he’s totally going to fall off. He does look miserable, but manages to hang on even with a bug climbing on him.

“Kara looks solid,” Carl says, right before Kara steps off. Quite a while later, Alison steps off. She looks like the walking dead.

“How long do you think this will go?” Probst asks.

“Until I win,” says Alec.


We hit two hours. Alec is mumbling to himself that he is going to win. Gabby is crying. Her teammates try to tell her that she’s strong, but she falls to the ground. “Bye, Gabby,” mutters Alec.

Three hours. Christian versus Alec. Christian tells a story to pass the time (and help him focus). Blah blah blah we hit four hours. He’s driving Alec crazy. Five hours. WTF.

Alec is ill and feels like he may pass out. “You’re safe and I’m not,” he says to Christian.

“I know,” says Christian. “I just might never get this opportunity again.”

Alec can’t take it. He falls. He knows he’s doomed.

And so it’s time to play “It’s anyone but Alec.” They have a night and all of a day to figure out who it’s going to be.

“When you’re sitting around for a full day, that’s a lot of time for plans to change,” says Christian. Suuuuuuuure. Or maybe, since Carl’s been acting cocky as hell, his time is up.

For Alec’s part, he says that he didn’t come to Survivor to be some unanimous vote. Carl is definitely the ringleader of the Alec vote. BUUUUUUT… he’s suddenly tight with Kara and telling her what the vote will be, which totally pisses off Gabby. And makes her cry. That’s the third time in this episode. Christian has to do damage control. He worries that Carl is an alliance liability and also wonders whether Gabby will keep crying forever if he keeps Carl around.

Alec tries to rally some folks for a Carl vote. He’s got Mike, Kara and Alison. Can he wrangle Christian and Gabby? Christian sees the value in this vote – he needs to keep other threats around. If he doesn’t, Christian is the only threat remaining.

Feels like they’re trying too hard to convince us. Of course it’s Alec.

At Tribal, Dan and John are super surprised to learn that the challenge went six hours. Christian talks about his one shot, and how he talked his way through the challenge. Alec points out that Carl ate nachos because he was super-confident in his position (which is smart since some folks aren’t sure about him). Angelina defends her decision to eat nachos even though no one even mentioned her.

“I’m a meat shield for someone,” Alec says as a reason to keep him around. He points out that Christian also stayed on the platform for six hours, so he’s not the only challenge beast today.

Folks, if you ever wonder how stupid Survivor is. Here’s a case study. Probst is trying to make a big deal out of the fact that someone at a plate of nachos. That’s the atrocity he committed. And it might work.

But it doesn’t. It doesn’t make sense. Alec is eliminated, which is too bad since he was actually one of the more fun players of the season. But Carl should tread carefully for a bit.



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