Friday Box Office Analysis

By Kim Hollis

May 12, 2018

I love teenage Groot. And baby Groot. And really Groot in general.

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All hail Disney, ruler of the box office universe. Sure, there will be an interlude next weekend for Deadpool (meaning that Marvel will own the #1 spot at the box office for half the year so far), but for now it's still all about Infinity War. Yes, a couple of new releases were in theaters, but they'll barely be remembered in two weeks.

Yes, Avengers: Infinity War is once again going to be our box office champion. With $16 million yesterday, Infinity War is now pushing onward to the $550 million range, which it might just hit by the end of the weekend. I think with a $67 million weekend, it will in fact achieve that feat, meaning that it can next push toward $600 million domestic. More important, it WILL be the top movie worldwide by the end of the weekend, passing Black Panther to do so with more than $1.3 billion. Between them, Marvel's two movies this year have managed $2.6 billion worldwide and counting. Marvel continues moving forward next week with Deadpool 2, though that's not a Disney film. That's okay, though, because Solo is coming during Memorial Day, and it has already set pre-purchase records.


Melissa McCarthy's new film Life of the Party earned $4.9 million yesterday, pretty much ONLY on the strength of her presence. Reviews are so-so and the Cinemascore is very average. It should pick up $14 million this weekend, which is probably just fine given the $30 million budget.

Breaking In was our other new release, this one featuring Gabrielle Union at the center (Lady Power Woo!). It earned $4.6 million, a terrific total for a movie with just a $6 million budget. Look for about $12-13 million for the weekend. Usually it's Union's husband Dwyane Wade's time of year to get all the attention, so this is a refreshing turn of events.



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