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by Tim Briody

May 6, 2018

Who knew Hulk was so sensitive?

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When Disney called an audible in March and moved the release of Avengers: Infinity War up a weekend, that left a gaping hole on what has traditionally been the start of the summer movie season for more than 20 years now. To drive that point home, this is the first time a holdover film has led the box office on the first weekend of May since 1994.

Avengers: Infinity War comes in with a second weekend of $112.4 million, the second highest of all time, only behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($149.2 million) and just edging out this year's Black Panther ($111.6 million) as if you needed more proof that Disney just dominates everything right now. And oh by the way, it has already crossed $1 billion when you include the overseas grosses, the fastest film to ever do that.

Despite the 70% Friday to Friday decline that Kim Hollis reported about yesterday, that's mainly because the huge Thursday night gets rolled into the Friday figure. For the weekend, Infinity War dropped just 56%, which is still kind of amazing considering we're coming off the largest opening weekend ever; nobody would have blinked had the decline been 60-65%.

So, with two weekends in the books, Infinity War now has a ridiculous $450.8 million, good for the 15th biggest movie of all time. It actually will pass Age of Ultron ($459 million) on Monday, showing how Marvel has been able to continually expand the audience with film after film.

We're still somewhat in the "just guessing" part of where Infinity War is going to end up, but $700 million is certainly in the conversation. Unlike Black Panther, which felt like it had free reign at the box office for over two months, Infinity War doesn't have the biggest of windows, with Hollywood almost taking next weekend off (in what was supposed to be the second weekend of Infinity War) before Deadpool 2 arrives the following weekend and then Solo: A Star Wars Story over Memorial Day weekend. At the very least, the $623.3 million earned by the first Avengers film seems like the target at this point; next weekend's hold is going to make the picture much clearer.

There's a positive surprise in second place as new release Overboard lands in second place with $14.7 million. A gender-swapped remake of the Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell 1987 comedy starring Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris, this opening is yet another feather in the cap of Derbez. Mexico's biggest comedic star who has gradually made inroads in the US in the last few years (2013's Instructions Not Included earned $44 million without ever reaching 1,000 theaters and last year's How To Be A Latin Lover opened with $12 million in 1,100 theaters), his releases in the US have targeted Spanish speaking audiences to a good deal of success. Add in the romantic comedy factor and a little bit of counterprogramming against Infinity War and you get this decent opening in just 1,623 theaters.

A Quiet Place is in third with $7.6 million (down 31%) and $159.8 million after nine weekends in theaters. Quietly leggy for a horror film/thriller, it's looking to land with $180 million by the time it's finished.


Amy Schumer's I Feel Pretty drops 40% in its third weekend to $4.9 million and $37.7 million to date. This is a decent rebound for Schumer after last year's Snatched disappointed with just $45.8 million, as the female empowerment comedy is headed to about $50 million total.

The Rock's Rampage takes fourth place with $4.6 million (down 36%) and $84.7 million in four weekends. It should just get to $100 million, just barely. That doesn't cover its production budget, but this one's bigger than you think overseas so don't be surprised if there's a sequel at some point down the line.

New release Tully takes sixth place for the weekend with $3.1 million. Written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Reitman, a pair also responsible for 2007's Juno and 2011's Young Adult, Tully also brings back the latter's star Charlize Theron to complete a sort of trilogy of unconnected films. Positively reviewed, but not getting a big release with just 1,353 theaters, this wasn't ever going to be blockbuster (Young Adult finished with just $16 million) and mostly lands here thanks to a weak lower end of the box office top ten.

Black Panther continues to march towards $700 million as in its 12th weekend, it adds $3.1 million and now stands at $693.1 million. After last weekend's absurd hold despite the release of Infinity War (it came in at -4% after the actuals came in), the drop was a much more sensible 34% this weekend. Still holding on to just 1,600 screens, there's probably just enough left in the tank to get it to $700 million, possibly over Memorial Day weekend.

Truth or Dare adds $1.8 million in its fourth weekend and has $38.2 million to date, yet another wildly profitable entry for Universal and the horror specialists at Blumhouse.

Super Troopers 2 drops another 51% in its third weekend to $1.8 million and $25.4 million to date. Earning almost a third of its total on opening day, it's a historical footnote as one of the more frontloaded films in history that's not a concert film.

Bad Samaritan is the third opener of the weekend and finishes in tenth place with just $1.7 million despite having a wider release than both Overboard and Tully. Starring David Tennant and distributed by fledgling production company Electric Entertainment (founded by Bad Samaritan's director Dean Deviln), the thriller didn't have the best reviews (56% at Rotten Tomatoes) nor the star power or pedigree of the other releases and is simply lost in the shuffle.

The top 12 films this weekend earned $158.5 million, and since Infinity War came out last weekend, it's down from last year's $186.6 when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 launched with $146.5 million.

Next weekend sees some more mid-tier releases before we really reach the fireworks factory, with Melissa McCarthy's Life of the Party and Gabrielle Union's Breaking In.

Top Ten for Weekend of May 4-6, 2018
Gross ($)
Weekly Change
Gross ($)
1 Avengers: Infinity War Walt Disney 112.4 -56% 450.8
2 Overboard Lionsgate 14.7 New 14.7
3 A Quiet Place Paramount 7.6 -31% 159.8
4 I Feel Pretty STX Entertainment 4.9 -40% 37.7
5 Rampage Warner Bros. 4.6 -36% 84.7
6 Tully Focus Features 3.1 New 3.1
7 Black Panther Walt Disney 3.1 -34% 693.1
8 Truth or Dare Universal 1.8 -42% 38.2
9 Super Troopers 2 20th Century Fox 1.8 -51% 25.4
10 Bad Samaritan Electric Entertainment 1.7 New 1.7
Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations



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