Survivor: Ghost Island Recap

The Finish Line Is in Sight

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 3, 2018


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Previously on Survivor, Desiree lied. She lied a lot. Everyone realized she lied, too. So, they got rid of her, putting a temporary pause on the Pagonging of the original Malolo tribe. I’m sure we’ll get back to it tonight, as previews have promised two eliminations.

Dom hugs Laurel for telling him about Desiree. Kellyn is sitting with them, and even she realizes that Desiree was treacherous as hell. Even though Laurel saved her, Kellyn isn’t convinced that she wants to work with Laurel. She’s pleased to tell the camera that Naviti still has the numbers. Yes, we’ve noticed.

Wendell points out that everyone recognizes that he and Dom are allies, but doesn’t believe that anyone knows they’re also working with Donathan and Laurel. After Wendell’s high praise of Dom, the latter gentleman talks about how he might have to cut Wendell loose. Good lord.

Because he’s worried about his position in the game, Dom goes Idol hunting. He finds a coconut with something inside of it. He finds a fake idol that David used to fool Jay in Millennials versus Gen X. This idol is tainted, and we guess that Dom is supposed to try to fool someone into thinking it’s real. Sigh.

Probst arrives, which means yay Immunity Challenge. Wait. Immunity Challenge? Excellent. This show is going to move right along.

For this challenge, we have a twist. Two people will win immunity. Two people will be voted home. They’ll be separated into two “temporary” new tribes.

They’re made up of:

Michael, Laurel, Domenick, Wendell and Kellyn


Donathan, Angela, Jenna, Sebastian, and Chelsea.

The challenge requires them to balance a ball in some sort of weird contraption with a handle. It doesn’t make a ton of sense. By the way, the last person standing will get to have their “tribe” go last, giving them the advantage of knowing who was voted out by the other group first.

Kellyn and Michael go out quickly, followed by Donathan and Laurel. After another short time, Sebastian loses. Then, Jenna’s elimination means no original Malolo remain. We know what’s happening at these Tribals, I bet. Even though Chelsea loses control of a ball, Angela all of a sudden loses some focus and hers falls to the ground. Chelsea wins for her group and immediately lets her ball drop. Wendell/Domenick’s “tribe” will go to Tribal Council second.

The two of them are perfectly willing to duel it out, which you have to respect considering that they are allies. It’s a fairly epic battle, but eventually Wendell tires and Dom wins.

Soooooo… we suppose it’s time to play “It’s anyone but Jenna and Michael.”

Back at camp, Chelsea gets a ton of compliments, while no one really notices that Dom was the winner. He doesn’t care, really, but it’s a little strange. Dom figures that he can work with his alliance to get rid of Michael, who is in fact a legit threat.

Meanwhile, Michael is asking Donathan to loan him his idol temporarily. Michael just wants to show it to the other players to freak them out a little bit. Donathan says no, as he should. He can’t risk losing the idol or having Michael blow up his game.


So, Michael makes a different play and tells Kellyn that he has an idol. Kellyn goes to Dom as she’s super nervous now, but Dom doesn’t believe it to be true. He tells her to ask Michael to show it to her, which he hadn’t yet. Say what you will about the guy, but Dom is a pretty good reader of people.

Still, Kellyn, who is obsessed with keeping Naviti together, says that she will vote for Laurel instead. Wendell suggests that Laurel should vote for Kellyn just in case Michael does have an idol. This is a good play. Laurel thinks that Dom and Wendell should also vote for Kellyn.

That’s not happening. Also, Kellyn has an extra vote, so she can throw a wrench into the works. She’s using both of her votes on Michael.

Notice that they’re not even spending any time on the other group. Duh. It’s Jenna. And it’s Michael. We’re just playing out the string. Chelsea and Sebastian do tell Jenna that they will be voting for Donathan. Jenna tells Donathan that they plan to vote for her. Donathan is trying to decide whether to play his idol for himself or for Jenna.

He tells Jenna that he will in fact use his idol on her and that she should vote for Sebastian. Donathan is generally pretty sharp, so we’re not too sure about this turn of events.

Sebastian talks about feeling badly for the original Malolo. Jeff asks Jenna if she was able to find any cracks in the Naviti group, and she replies no, and that she’s ready to vote. Jeff wonders if she has given up, and she says she just thinks it’s going to be her. “This may be the fewest questions I’ve ever asked at a Tribal Council,” Probst says. Thank the sweet merciful Lord.

Jeff tallies the votes and asks if anyone wants to play a hidden Immunity Idol. Donathan stands up and plays his, but not for Jenna. He saves himself.

In the end, that turns out to be the right move, because all votes are for Jenna except for one for Donathan and one for Sebastian. If he had saved Jenna and they’d been left in a tie, Donathan would definitely have gone home in a 2-1 vote.

Jenna is immediately sent to her spot on the jury. When Probst asks Laurel how she feels about that, Laurel says, “It sucks to be Jenna.”

The next line of questioning goes to Dom, Wendell and Kellyn, who talk about Naviti’s domination. Kellyn does wonder if Michael has an idol, but Dom specifically says that he doesn’t believe it. Probst asks Michael about it, and Michael is vague in a way that says, “Right, Dom has busted me.”

And yet, Dom and Wendell start the whispers in the midst of Tribal Council, which absolutely freaks Kellyn out. Probst points out that she’s not included in their conversation, which frankly should worry her a lot more than it does.

Laurel votes for Kellyn, and Kellyn uses her TWO votes on Laurel.

When the votes are read, it’s actually a tie between Michael and Laurel. That means neither of them can vote. On a second go-round, the vote is unanimous. Michael is out. We enjoyed the Knoxville native’s play, and feel pretty confident he will return in an All-Stars Season.

One Tribal note is that Libby recognizes that there was an extra vote. She’s super smart, and the other Survivors were smart to vote her out when they did.

Quickest, easiest recap of Survivor ever.



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