Survivor: Ghost Island Recap

Trust Your Gut

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 20, 2018

They got rid of Dad!

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Previously on Survivor, there was a merge after only two episodes. Yes, that’s where Survivor is as a “competition” now. They can’t even go three straight eliminations without meddling. Also, we met Bradley, possibly for the first time. He stood out because of his utter whiny bitchiness.

The tribal swap gave former members of Naviti the advantage on both sides, but when New Naviti lost, Domenick, Wendell and Morgan wanted to team up with Former Malolo to take out Angela (because Chris was at Ghost Island and therefore unavailable as a boot option. Instead, Former Malolo members James, Laurel, Libby and Donathan realized they could choose which to eliminate and got rid of Morgan.

Then, Morgan inexplicably willed her Legacy Advantage to Domenick.

With Naviti all even now, things are interesting at that camp. Domenick wonders what the hell happened and says, “All right, you got me.” He’s looking for more information from the former Malolo tribe mates, but they’re looking at him like, “Don’t talk to us.”

Wendell figures that all is lost for himself and Dom, but then Dom shows his only remaining ally his goodies. Well, he shows him his Immunity Idol, anyway. Survivor is a family show.

Next, Dom is digging around in his bag, and he realizes that Morgan has given him her Legacy Advantage (for some inexplicable reason). He can use it with 13 people left in the game or 6 people left in the game. Dom’s determined not to look like a dumbass but, well. We’ll see.

Probst sighting! With a Reward Challenge in play, it means that this episode will be that much easier to recap. Chris returns from Ghost Island, and we’re surprised that he doesn’t mansplain to everyone how they completely botched the vote.

For today’s challenge, Survivors will do battle to retrieve lifesaver rings that they will haul back until they can touch a pole. It’s a battle royale of brawn for the most part, though a few players go for a bit of strategy. With that said, it’s not the most exciting challenge to recap. Both tribes wind up tied 2-2 before Naviti takes the prize – peanut butter sandwiches, which frankly look pretty yummy.

Today’s Reward Challenge includes sending someone from the loser tribe to Ghost Island, and that person will also return for Tribal Council, unlike in previous episodes. Naturally, there is no consensus between the members of Naviti, so the members of New Malolo will draw rocks. Kellyn comments that doing so is “her biggest Survivor fear,” which means that OF COURSE she will draw the Ghost Island rock. Survivor never seemed so fixed as it did at that moment.

At Ghost Island, Kellyn talks about how she’s an extrovert and her game is a social one. (She’s one of the more awkward people this side of Bob Ross, so that surprises us.)

Kellyn does have the chance to play a game of chance at Ghost Island, which makes her feel sick. She’s scared to death to give up her vote. If she loses it, she and her current alliance could be in serious jeopardy like their compatriots at the previous Tribal Council. So, she doesn’t play and keeps her vote. BORING!

Over at Naviti, the Survivors are eating their PB&J sandwiches. Chris, of course, starts quizzing people about what happened. He asks Angela, who tells him that Wendell and Dom betrayed her. Chris figures this is their chance to join the Former Malolo alliance. He tells them, “I like you, I like you, I like you, and I like you. And I like myself.”

Basically, he tells them that they should help him vote out Dom by splitting the vote between Wendell and Dom.

The thing is, Laurel and Donathan aren’t so sure that they want to play with Chris. Laurel likes Wendell and Dom (for some inexplicable reason), and she tells Dom that she’d rather play with him. In return, Dom tells her that he has an Immunity Idol. Meanwhile, Donathan chats with Wendell, cementing a possible new alliance. If Chris didn’t instruct everyone on how to vote, he might have a chance in this game. As it is, he’s overbearing and unbearable to the point that people want to ally with Dom. Dom.

Hey, it’s time for more Probst! Hooray! Shortened recap here we come!


Today’s Immunity Challenge involves the Survivors climbing over a cage and jumping in. Once they dive down, they’ll find a box that they need to drag out through a door they have to open. When they get the box to the shore, they have to use a sort of pully system to get it to its final destination. Then, they have to shoot a bunch of balls on top of a platform.

Malolo gets to the cage first, with Naviti close on their heels. Then, Naviti struggles to get the box out of the cage, while Malolo has developed a pretty significant lead. We won’t call it a UMBC over Virginia lead, because it’s not. But they’re well ahead and get their pully working quickly.

With their box on their platform, Malolo is shooting their balls. They quickly get three. At this point, Naviti is finally able to get their box moved across the pully track.

Chris and Wendell take on the ball throwing for Naviti, and Sebastian and Brendan are handling it for Malolo. Brendan hits the fourth ball, and Chris quickly ties it up. While Brendan and Sebastian fight for the final ball, Naviti’s Chris lands the fifth one, giving the tribe a HUGE! COMEBACK! WIN! Malolo is headed to Tribal Council, which we actually could have figured out. The previews from last week showed Malolo talking strategy, which we haven’t seen yet. Clearly, this was bound to happen.

Anyway, Kellyn is thrilled that she held onto her vote, because now her alliance is five strong.

Back at Malolo, Brendan compliments his teammates, while Bradley is super thrilled that they lost. What an idiot. He claims to be playing a Boston Rob style game. (He’s not.) When Stephanie chats with him and tells him she wants to stay in the game, he says, “We shall see” like a smug asshole.

The original Naviti five talk strategy, and the general consensus is that they should take out one of the guys. They figure Michael is strong, while Brendan is the “leader,” so either one of them works. “They’re like two penguins stranded on a tropical island,” says Sebastian. O-kay.

Michael and Brendan realize that they are in a terrible position, but share with Stephanie and Jenna that Michael has an Immunity Idol. The problem is that they really have to guess right on who their opponents will vote for.

At Tribal Council, things don’t go particularly well for Bradley, as he has no idea how despised he is. The original Malolo point out that Bradley isn’t super awesome and in fact considers himself at the top of the original Naviti alliance. For his part, Bradley says that he tried to talk to his opponents, “As a babysitter.” Can’t imagine why they don’t like him!

Michael goes a bit further to point out that Sebastian and Chelsea (who we never heard speak before this evening) are at the bottom of their alliance. Their arguments do seem to give Sebastian pause, and Bradley cause for worry.

And so it’s time for Michael to reveal his Immunity Idol, which he claims gives him the chance to save two people. He says he’ll save himself and another tribe mate, while all their votes will be going to Bradley.

Bradley is surprised that he’s perceived as the ringleader, but the honest evaluation is that his behavior has been pretty appalling since the tribe switch. It might have been awful earlier, but we never got to see him.

“I really think tonight might be the night where you look back and say, ‘Damn, I really wish I’d made that move,’” says Michael. He’s played this pretty well. The problem is that his idol doesn’t really give him the power to save two people, and unless Sebastian really has switched (“I don’t know what just happened,” he says as he votes), he’s going to have to guess exactly right as to whom to save.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t choose correctly. He initially says that he wants to play it for himself and Brendan (note: Bradley looks freaked out at this point). Then, he changes his mind and says he wants to save Stephanie.

Alas, his first instinct was the right one. Brendan is the next person eliminated from Survivor, leaving them with a tiny group of three and not much hope other than more Survivor meddling – which seems likely.

Bradley gloats. Gross.



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