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March 5, 2018

But what I really wanted was a jet ski

So glad to see Donkey Teeth finally get his deserved recognition at the Oscars. - Reagen Sulewski, 6:38 pm
Wendy Mclendon-Covey really needs to break out of her shell. Such a wallflower! - Reagen Sulewski, 6:47 pm
Intriguing subplot of the night: watching everyone try to grab some of Chadwick Boseman's cool like he's The Fonz. - Reagen Sulewski, 6:49 pm
I think Tiffany Haddish is about to start an international incident. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:06 pm
Margot Robbie has her mom with her, who looks like Robin Wright's doppleganger. - Max Braden, 7:23 pm
Hey, it's famed Capital One spokesperson Jennifer Garner! - Reagen Sulewski, 7:25 pm
This interviewer is determined to start something between Saoirse Ronan and her mom. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:35 pm
Matthew McConaughey looks like he's hickory smoked. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:37 pm
Emily Gordon's advice for Hollywood success: contract an almost fatal disease! - Reagen Sulewski, 7:39 pm
I don't think it's a big risk to say that Nanjiani and Gordon are probably the most fun couple there. - Max Braden, 7:41 pm

Lin-Manuel Miranda gives the heads up that we'll see a Mary Poppins Returns trailer tonight. - Max Braden, 7:44 pm
"This time, she's out for blood" - Reagen Sulewski, 7:45 pm
Gary Oldman always looks like he's about to pop off and kill every single person in the place. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:48 pm
I think the bold choice would be to start the show with another segment of Kimmel's beloved Women on Trampolines. Am I reading the room right? - David Mumpower, 7:52 pm
What's this dragon movie trailer that looks pretty g- oh, it's just Cambria countertop ad. - Max Braden, 7:52 pm
I'm looking forward to the In Memorium segment that's just people that won't be able to work anymore after this year. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:54 pm
Now ready to talk about that much anticipated Practical Magic sequel, Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock! That film stars two Academy Award winners, you know. - David Mumpower, 7:56 pm
Bullock: "Women love each oth-" Katie: "Step aside so we can get Kidman up here!" - Max Braden, 7:56 pm
Welcome to the Box Office Prophets live blog for the Academy Awards! We're here to talk about all the winners - and maybe they'll even read the right name for Best Picture this year! - Kim Hollis, 7:56 pm
The first thing you notice about this red carpet is immediate; unlike the all black dresses of previous awards this season, there's a lot of pink and blue and yellow dresses everywhere. - Max Braden, 7:59 pm
This black & white throwback to 1940's style intros is clever. - Max Braden, 8:02 pm
It's a bold choice to hold this year's ceremonies in Superman's Fortress of Solitude. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:03 pm
Well, this monologue is certainly a far cry from Seth Macfarlane's "We Saw Your Boobs" song... from the 85th Oscars. - Max Braden, 8:09 pm
This feels like a monologue from any episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. It's impossibly vanilla, but that's the safest way to play it tonight. - David Mumpower, 8:12 pm
Dame Helen Mirren is dressed up as Queen Elsa of Arendelle! - David Mumpower, 8:13 pm
Ah, I see I've misread the theme of the set this year. It's actually "The Oscars: A Tribute to Opulence!" - Reagen Sulewski, 8:16 pm
Well, we do have a Republican in the White House, Reagen. - David Mumpower, 8:17 pm
Sam Rockwell won the Screen Actors Guild award for Supporting Actor, and seems like a solid lock for the Oscar. But will he dance? - Max Braden, 8:17 pm
The Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor goes to Sam Rockwell for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. - Kim Hollis, 8:18 pm
I love Sam Rockwell so much, so this is truly a delight. - Kim Hollis, 8:18 pm
We've been building to this moment ever since Galaxy Quest came out in 1999! Also, Rockwell was hysterical in Iron Man 2. Come at me, haters! - David Mumpower, 8:19 pm
It was really due to him for Guy Fleegman, but I'll allow it. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:19 pm
Hey, he just thanked me! I HAVE looked at a billboard! - Kim Hollis, 8:19 pm
"This year, give her English muffins" - Reagen Sulewski, 8:20 pm
To celebrate, everyone watch Mr. Right. - Kim Hollis, 8:20 pm
Well, we're 20 minutes into the show, and Harvey Weinstein hasn't had anybody killed. That feels like a win. - David Mumpower, 8:22 pm
Rockwell's last mention was for Philip Seymour Hoffman. They never appeared together in film but worked together on a stageplay. - Max Braden, 8:23 pm
You know he's taking notes for when he assumes he's allowed back into the club, though. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:24 pm
Jet Ski time to beat: 1:29 - Kim Hollis, 8:24 pm
So that's what happens when you're not quite sure how to end a bit. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:25 pm
I'll say what we're all thinking: Armie Hammer peaked on Reaper. - David Mumpower, 8:27 pm
That camera operator is going to get #MeToo'd for what he did to Gal Gadot just now. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:27 pm
The Academy Award for Makeup and Hairstyling goes to Darkest Hour. - Kim Hollis, 8:27 pm
The only way Weinstein's invited back in the club is if he's in the Hannibal Lecter getup from Silence of the Lambs...and all women in the club have tasers. - David Mumpower, 8:29 pm
Eva Marie Saint is not getting that Jet Ski. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:30 pm
To learn more about the greatness of Eva Marie Saint, grab your handy Alfred Hitchcock Collection and watch North by Northwest (over and over again). - David Mumpower, 8:31 pm
The Academy Award for Best Costume Design goes to Phantom Thread. - Kim Hollis, 8:32 pm
In addition to the giant lettering on the outside of each envelope this year, they're all rigged with a kill switch that will send 20000 volts through the presenter if the wrong name is read. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:35 pm
If Phantom Thread had lost Best Costume Design, they'd have to retroactively unmake the movie. - David Mumpower, 8:35 pm
The Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature goes to Icarus. - Kim Hollis, 8:40 pm
It was close, but BOP's majority prediction in this category was Faces Places. - Max Braden, 8:41 pm
Is anyone else getting an Iron Maiden earworm? - David Mumpower, 8:41 pm
I think I'm joking, but I feel like all these guys are on a list somewhere written in Cyrillic. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:42 pm
In an odd turn of events, Mary J. Blige came out of the Rock of Ages debacle better than anybody else. What's Diego Boneta up to these days? Is it wrong to presume Instagram model? - David Mumpower, 8:46 pm
Montage: The sponsor of tonight's Academy Awards! - David Mumpower, 8:54 pm
Oh, I get the theme of this montage: it's movies! - Reagen Sulewski, 8:55 pm
Who ya got: a Jurassic Park dinosaur versus (possibly imaginary tiger) Richard Parker? - David Mumpower, 8:56 pm
Christopher Plummer will bury you, Jimmy. Perhaps even later tonight. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:57 pm
Hello from my phone! My cable company traded me E! television for Internet - J. Don Birnam, 8:57 pm
How are everyone’s Oscar predictions going so far? Who thinks Get Out is gonna win? - J. Don Birnam, 8:58 pm
The Academy Award for Best Sound Editing goes to Dunkirk. - Kim Hollis, 8:58 pm
Having actors from Baby Driver come out and announce Dunkirk as the winner in that category was akin to asking Jennifer Aniston give an Academy Award to Angelina Jolie. - David Mumpower, 9:00 pm
The Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing goes to Dunkirk. - Kim Hollis, 9:01 pm
Correction: asking Jennifer Aniston give *TWO* Academy Awards to Angelina Jolie. - David Mumpower, 9:01 pm
Production Designer of this stage: "My geode must be acknowledged!" - Reagen Sulewski, 9:10 pm
The Academy Award for Production Design goes to The Shape of Water. - Kim Hollis, 9:11 pm
Thanks for dressing up, dude on the right who borrowed his son's suit and sneakers. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:12 pm
That's the first win for The Shape of Water, which our staff projects to win three categories (including this one). We don't have it as Best Picture, although I know from conversations with the staff that everyone's about 60/35/5 on what wins (with Three Billboards the favorite and Get Out a deep sleeper). - David Mumpower, 9:13 pm
Gael just sang himself out of the remake of West Side Story. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:15 pm
The performance of Coco's Remember Me is pitch perfect in that it captures the brightness of the visuals in the film. Coco's a movie that makes me happy I bought a 4K television. - David Mumpower, 9:17 pm
For those unaware, Rita Moreno is wearing the same dress she wore to the Academy Awards when she won for West Side Story in 1962. - Kim Hollis, 9:22 pm
Rita Moreno's wearing the same dress from 1962. Let's see Phantom Thread do that! - David Mumpower, 9:22 pm
The Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film goes to A Fantastic Woman. - Kim Hollis, 9:23 pm
So, the montage makers definitely are not getting a jet ski or a trip to Lake Havasu. - Kim Hollis, 9:26 pm
I know it continues to seem like they're giving the finger to Trump, but it's hard not to when "just being decent people" is giving him the finger. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:26 pm
For my money, Tessa Thompson was the most entertaining supporting actress last year, as Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok. - Max Braden, 9:28 pm
The Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress goes to Allison Janney for I, Tonya. - Kim Hollis, 9:29 pm
It's overdue for her role in Drop Dead Gorgeous, but I'll allow it. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:30 pm
This one wasn't exactly a surprise, but I would have loved to have seen Laurie Metcalf win. - Kelly Metz, 9:30 pm
Allison Janney's date: "I, uh, sure I'll hold onto your purse." - Kim Hollis, 9:30 pm
There are no upsets or surprises at all so far. Which will be the first? - J. Don Birnam, 9:31 pm
You know, that bird really does deserve a lot of credit for Janney's success. - Kim Hollis, 9:31 pm
Here's a thought that will break your brain: More people watched Mom last week (9 million) than saw I, Tonya in theaters (3.2 million). - David Mumpower, 9:32 pm
You'll notice nobody here had the nerve to say *anything* about A Fantastic Woman. The #MeToo movement has everybody running scared. - David Mumpower, 9:33 pm
Healing stage crystals proudly provided by Goop. - Max Braden, 9:35 pm
The cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi just did their best Darth Maul impression and died horribly. - David Mumpower, 9:37 pm
The Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film goes to Dear Basketball. - Kim Hollis, 9:38 pm
Take that, Shaq! - Reagen Sulewski, 9:38 pm
This Kobe Bryant award goes out to the #metoo movement. - Kim Hollis, 9:39 pm
My brother, who just saw the Shorts in theaters this weekend: "If Dear Basketball wins, I'm going to lose it. Completely undeserving. It was just about Kobe." - Max Braden, 9:39 pm
*mic continues to rise* - Reagen Sulewski, 9:39 pm
Martin Scorsese: 1 Oscar. Kobe Bryant: 1 Oscar and 5 NBA championship rings. - David Mumpower, 9:39 pm
And of course Kobe shoves aside someone for the spotlight. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:40 pm
If Boss Baby wins animated feature, I'm never watching The Oscars again. - Kelly Metz, 9:40 pm
The Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film goes to Coco. - Kim Hollis, 9:41 pm
*phew* - Kelly Metz, 9:41 pm
Martin's crossover was dynamite back in the day though, David. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:41 pm
And I went to high school with the woman in the blue dress with Coco director Lee Unkrich. Same graduating class. Congrats to her and her family! - Kim Hollis, 9:42 pm
God did that guy really have to have a wife?!? - J. Don Birnam, 9:42 pm
Was Salma Hayek peeing or why do they keep cutting to the only Mexican they could find? - J. Don Birnam, 9:43 pm
Nice to see one of Robert Palmer's backup dancers still getting gigs. - Max Braden, 9:46 pm
Now that you mention it, I can't remember whether or not Sufjan Stevens was wearing a jacket during his performance. - Tony Kollath, 9:47 pm
(There’s someone at my party dressed as Rose from Titanic but I’m not saying who!) - J. Don Birnam, 9:50 pm
I had to go to Twitter to find the "I hope Allison Janney does The Jackal" joke. Step up your game, folks. - Tim Briody, 9:51 pm
The Academy Award for Visual Effects goes to Blade Runner 2049. - Kim Hollis, 9:53 pm
Is the official Blade Runner title "two thousand forty nine"? I've been saying "twenty forty nine" all this time like a fool! - Max Braden, 9:54 pm
And we have our first play off music. Get OUT! - Kim Hollis, 9:55 pm
I'm assuming he wasn't actually thanking Sean Young from the original Blade Runner, right? - Reagen Sulewski, 9:55 pm
And the Blade Runner 2049 visual effects team becomes the first winner automatically eliminated from Jet Ski consideration. All kidding aside, that incentive does seem to work some, maybe on a subliminal level. - David Mumpower, 9:55 pm
The Academy Award for Best Editing goes to Dunkirk. - Kim Hollis, 9:56 pm
"Film isn't the illusion, life is the illusion, a cruel joke played on us by an indifferent creator." Thanks, Matthew McConaughey from True Detective. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:56 pm
I'm not saying Baby Driver should have won every nomination, but it deserved *something*. This better not cost us a Spaced movie! - David Mumpower, 9:57 pm
"Best Movie That's Difficult To Watch Now Because of Casting, For Reasons" - Reagen Sulewski, 10:00 pm
Quick shoutout to BOP's Jason Lee and Clint Chirpich, who are both 13 for 13 thus far in our predictions game! - David Mumpower, 10:02 pm
The smart play was to volunteer to go across the street - popcorn and snacks! - Max Braden, 10:03 pm
Hey, if Kobe Bryant can win an Oscar tonight... - David Mumpower, 10:05 pm
Red Vines? Twizzlers or GTFO. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:06 pm
Several stars are "surprising" a group of movie fans currently watching A Wrinkle in Time across the street. I don't want to say it's fake, but even Bravo TV producers are rolling their eyes at these "shocked" faces. - David Mumpower, 10:07 pm
You know what's a -wonderful- idea for a live broadcast? 85 people simultaneously yelling. - David Mumpower, 10:09 pm
He's more natural than Kellan Lutz, I'll give him that. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:09 pm
What about Diego Boneta? - David Mumpower, 10:11 pm
The Academy Award for Best Documentary Short goes to Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405. - Kim Hollis, 10:12 pm
Best Documentary Short Subject: a.k.a. the tiebreaker in your office pool. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:13 pm
The Academy Award for Live Action Short goes to The Silent Child. - Kim Hollis, 10:15 pm
DeKalb Elementary's victory would have been so timely, as the subject matter is a school shooting. I guess I shouldn't feel surprised that it lost support over the past few weeks, but that would have been an amazing acceptance speech platform. - David Mumpower, 10:17 pm
That one director was a dead ringer for Hayley Atwell. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:18 pm
"Diane Warren and Common" - together at last! - Reagen Sulewski, 10:18 pm
Now performing: Common aka a guy whose ass John Wick righteously kicked earlier this year. - David Mumpower, 10:19 pm
The other singer, Andra Day, just stole the Oscars. What a dazzling voice and performance! - David Mumpower, 10:22 pm
Get ready to bleep Salma Hayek! - Max Braden, 10:26 pm
I mean, you can try, Salma, but that name change ain't gonna stick. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:26 pm
I feel like this Time's Up speech would feel a lot more impactful if it was off the cuff rather than read from a teleprompter. - Kim Hollis, 10:26 pm
I'm in the Atlantic Time Zone now (yes Americans, it's a thing) and ye gods am I ever feeling the length of these awards now. Just roll the winners as a scroll up the screen! - Reagen Sulewski, 10:27 pm
(But the reel is much more heartfelt.) - Kim Hollis, 10:27 pm
I want to be friends with Kumail Nanjiani. - Kelly Metz, 10:29 pm
Loved this inclusion segment. It’s why movies matter to all of us - J. Don Birnam, 10:29 pm
As Kumail Nanjiani quips in this segment, I idly wonder what Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, and Owen Wilson are doing. I hope they're at a karaoke bar singing, "This used to be my playground." - David Mumpower, 10:31 pm
Atlantic Time Zone? Are you Aqua-Man? - David Mumpower, 10:31 pm
The Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Call Me By Your Name. - Kim Hollis, 10:32 pm
Don't slander me by implying I'm in Justice League, David. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:34 pm
Reagen, I struggle on Eastern Time. I don't know how you're doing it right now. - Kim Hollis, 10:35 pm
One of the inclusion issues Hollywood has dealt with is ageism. James Ivory will turn 90 years old this summer. - Max Braden, 10:35 pm
I have wrapping paper that looks *just* like Nicole Kidman! It even has that same bow! - David Mumpower, 10:35 pm
The Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay goes to Get Out. - Kim Hollis, 10:36 pm
Will Peele thank Key? - Kim Hollis, 10:37 pm
In your face, Keegan-Michael Key! - David Mumpower, 10:38 pm
I just got thanked again! I saw Get Out and told people to go see it! - Kim Hollis, 10:39 pm
It was direct and write Get Out or voice the poop emoji in The Emoji Movie. I bet he still wonders if he made the right decision. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:40 pm
So...again, Get Out anyone? - J. Don Birnam, 10:43 pm
Good news, everyone! We've given away 75% of the awards! - David Mumpower, 10:43 pm
They haven't even sung all the Best Song nominees yet. For all the shorter speeches, this doesn't really seem to be moving faster. - Kim Hollis, 10:45 pm
The plot of Ocean's Nine will be for Sandra and her crew to steal this set. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:47 pm
Cinematography is my favorite Oscar category. - Max Braden, 10:48 pm
The Academy Award for Cinematography goes to Roger A. Deakins for Blade Runner 2049. Finally. Finally. Finally. Long deserved and very overdue. - Kim Hollis, 10:49 pm
Was this category winner a "sure thing"? Or was this a surprise? - Kelly Metz, 10:49 pm
"So that's what Roger Deakins looks like." - Max Braden, 10:49 pm
Make sure to get Randy Newman up there to keep people from playing him off! - Kim Hollis, 10:50 pm
I really enjoyed Roger Deakins' work as one of the original Rolling Stones. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:50 pm
The passionate message Deakins gave to his wife was, "Whatever." And THAT is why he's not a screenwriter. - David Mumpower, 10:50 pm
I know I say it every year but fewer and fewer surprises - we’ve become too good at it! - J. Don Birnam, 10:51 pm
I pity all of you early risers. I'm often up until 3 am, and tonight's broadcast has me yawning repeatedly. - David Mumpower, 10:51 pm
I wonder if there's a point where the performers just stop awkwardly vamping and sort of wander off stage like that earlier Get Out "play off" bit. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:55 pm
I suspect that when he's 50, Timothée Chalamet will still be able to play Peter Pan convincingly. - David Mumpower, 10:58 pm
The Academy Award for Best Original Score goes to The Shape of Water. - Kim Hollis, 10:59 pm
And so Star Wars is shut out this year unless there's a sudden addition of "Best Actor Who Inexplicably Tastes Dirt". - Reagen Sulewski, 11:00 pm
I've been waiting all night for someone to misjudge and walk smack into one of those crystal Oscars on stage. Emily Blunt just almost nailed one. - Reagen Sulewski, 11:01 pm
Emily Blunt, soon to star in Little House on the Prairie. - Max Braden, 11:02 pm
Alexandre Desplat really is the most talented composer working, as far as I'm concerned. - Kim Hollis, 11:02 pm
The Academy Award for Best Song goes to Remember Me. - Kim Hollis, 11:02 pm
I love Alexandre Desplat, his scores are gorgeous. - Kelly Metz, 11:03 pm
*starts to play off winner* "DEAD MOM! DEAD MOM! ABORT!" - Reagen Sulewski, 11:04 pm
The Academy Award for Best Director goes to Guillermo del Toro for The Shape of Water. - Kim Hollis, 11:14 pm
Given tonight's events, del Toro is probably over the Pacific Rim 2 fiasco. - David Mumpower, 11:17 pm
So all of the Three Amigos directors won an Oscar within the span of five years. That's as unexpected as I can imagine (especially Guillermo). - Reagen Sulewski, 11:18 pm
Get ready for it: Best Picture winner The Shape of Water. - Max Braden, 11:19 pm
Hey Jane, knock it off! Making fun of the set is *my* thing! - Reagen Sulewski, 11:21 pm
Jane Fonda pays out the unlikeliest of prop bets with an Orgasmatron reference. - David Mumpower, 11:21 pm
The Academy Award for Best Actor goes to Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour. - Kim Hollis, 11:24 pm
100 points to Gryffindor for Sirius Black's victory! - David Mumpower, 11:26 pm
Overdue for Commander Zorg but I'll allow it. - Reagen Sulewski, 11:26 pm
My quick research suggests that Oldman is the first member of Gryffindor to win, but Ravenclaw had a previous victory from Emma Thompson. - David Mumpower, 11:30 pm
Film hides it well, but Jodie Foster is 4'7" and Jennifer Lawrence is 6'3". - Reagen Sulewski, 11:30 pm
The smoothest move of the Oscars tonight was Denzel Washington fake-laughing at a Meryl Streep joke while he deftly checked his watch to figure out how much longer this nightmare of a show is going to last. - David Mumpower, 11:31 pm
David, does Maggie Smith count as the head of Gryffindor? She's won twice. - Kelly Metz, 11:32 pm
The Academy Award for Best Actress goes to Frances McDormand for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. - Kim Hollis, 11:33 pm
Overdue for Burn After Reading, but I'll allow it. - Reagen Sulewski, 11:34 pm
Frances McDormand with a Chloe Kim reference! Chloe Kim was -5 when Fargo came out. - David Mumpower, 11:35 pm
I feel like perhaps Frances McDormand wasn't acting as the mom in Almost Famous. - Kim Hollis, 11:35 pm
"Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid." - Kim Hollis, 11:37 pm
"She freaked me out." - Reagen Sulewski, 11:37 pm
See, and they've set themselves up *again* with the previous winner. - Reagen Sulewski, 11:40 pm
But seriously, La La Land was robbed. - David Mumpower, 11:43 pm
The Academy Award for Best Picture goes to The Shape of Water. - Kim Hollis, 11:45 pm
(We're pretty sure.) - Reagen Sulewski, 11:46 pm
Gotta love that Guillermo del Toro double checked the envelope to be sure they read the right name. - Kim Hollis, 11:47 pm
I was just about to ask, "More overrated: Call Me by Your Name or The Shape of Water?" The Best Picture win seals it for The Shape of Water! - David Mumpower, 11:47 pm
Costume Designer for the Jet Ski win! - Kim Hollis, 11:49 pm
In a way this felt like one of the longest award seasons ever and I'm glad it's over. By the way, please read my 3,000 word piece breaking down Black Panther's Best Picture chances. It's the first in a five part series. - Tim Briody, 11:49 pm
On a site note, Jason Lee wins our contest with 21 correct answers. Sean Collier and I tie for second, but Sean is also the ONLY BOP staff member to predict Best Picture correctly. Overall, we went 9 for 10 on our group consensus picks. Alas, we bought into the Three Billboards hype for Best Picture. - David Mumpower, 11:49 pm
The jet ski was a bit that seemed to take the edge off nervous tension and unite everyone, right up to the point it upstaged Guillermo del Toro and his team's win. - Max Braden, 11:49 pm
Please enjoy the stage crystal in your Oscar goody bags, everyone. - Max Braden, 11:52 pm
Thanks for reading, everyone! See you next year when Pacific Rim 2 wins EVER SINGLE AWARD!!! - David Mumpower, 12:02 am



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