The Amazing Race Season 30: Episode 2 Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

January 16, 2018

Don't let the namaste hit you on the way out.

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After one of the most nail-biting finishes in the history of The Amazing Race, we’re ready to begin the second leg. With a win under their belts Kristi & Jen are ready to head off as soon as… Kristi gets over a bout of nausea. The Black Death that she had to drink as part of the challenge that got them to the win isn’t sitting well.

Actually, that’s kind of a trick of editing, because the skiers stay overnight in Iceland before receiving their next clue at 8:08 a.m. It sends them to Antwerp, Belgium. Once they get there, there is a chocolate shop that they must locate in order to get their next clue. It looks like they get candy along with the clue, which is a nice bonus.

All teams are on the same flight, so it’s not like anyone has a big advantage here. Thus, we’ll dispense with the remainder of the “this team departs at this time” rigmarole. There’s no need for it.

With the teams now receiving their chocolate shop clues, it’s already time for a Road Block. Phil informs us that this one is called “Who’s Ready to Get High?” The task has this terrifying name because one teammate will have to climb a rope ladder to retrieve their next clue.


There are a few navigational issues here and there, but generally everyone finds their way to the ropes pretty easily. As they make their way to the ropes, X proves to be a tough taskmaster for Joey Chestnut. As a competitive eater, Joey is perhaps not in the greatest of physical condition (though Eater X is, so maybe he just has better genes and carb absorption). That’s okay, though, because Joey says he responds well to Eater X being mean to him.

The first group of Racers is down from the rope ladders and will be heading on toward their Detour. One option is “Old Print,” which asks teams to use an old printing press to reproduce a message exactly as it appears on their piece of paper. It is painstakingly slow, and should give you a real appreciation of the amount of work that once went into the publication of a newspaper. (There’s still plenty of work involved, but it’s digitized these days.)

The second Detour choice involves grading a diamond in Diamond Glint. The cut, color and clarity must be added together to come up with some sort of mathematical answer that isn’t really explained well. It looks like the more challenging of the two options, because there seems to be plenty of room for error.

This first group to finish with the ropes includes Cedric & Shawn, Joey & Eater X, the violinists, and Team Big Brother. A few teams are wandering around close to the area, including the Indy Car drivers, Kristy & Jen, and Goat Yoga. The Indy Car guys catch a cab only to be told that the ropes are only 100 meters away.

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