Friday Box Office Analysis

By Kim Hollis

December 9, 2017

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With only one new wide release (and one awards contender expanding), this weekend is actually worse than the previous frame, where NO new movies appeared in theaters. Everyone is just waiting for Star Wars. Especially me. I can't wait to write about something fun for a change.

Our first place film, once again, is Coco. Honestly, it's not even close at this point. Coco earned another $4.3 million yesterday, down just 32% from the previous Friday. The Pixar release continues to trend pretty closely to last year's Moana, which makes predicting its weekend a pretty easy prospect. It should finish the weekend right around $17.9 million. The Christmas gravy train is coming soon, and considering that Coco has performed similarly to Moana in almost every way, it should be able to finish somewhere in the $230-240 million range.


Justice League is NOT our second place film for Friday. Instead, that honor goes to the inside baseball expansion of The Disaster Artist, James Franco's directorial/acting effort that is getting a pretty fair amount of awards attention. It made $2.6 million yesterday as A24 took it to 940 venues. That amount represents an increase over last weekend of 423%. Look for a three-day total of $8 million, and we'll all watch this one to see how it performs next weekend, as it's entirely possible that it has fulfilled the demand of the majority of its audience at this point.

Speaking of disasters, Justice League earned just $2.5 million on Friday, falling 44% from an already pretty crappy total. $10 million is the likely estimate for the weekend, which will be enough to avoid headlines about getting beaten by The Disaster Artist on the weekend. Nonetheless, DC has truly damaged this franchise, enough that Ben Affleck wants out of the Batman game and Warner Bros. is relying on Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman alone to keep them relevant.

Finally, our new wide release is way, way down in eighth place on Friday. The Rene Russo/Morgan Freeman/Tommy Lee Jones senior citizen flick took in just $1.2 million yesterday. It's a non-factor moving forward, and should finish the weekend with just about $3.7 million. Considering its 10% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes and abominable C Cinemascore, it's lucky to get that much. Broad Green probably would have been better off putting this one direct to video, though to be fair, even the biggest earner for that studio has a total under $30 million.

Projected Estimates for the Top Ten (Three-Day)
Estimated Gross
1 Coco 17.9
2 Justice League 10.1
3 Wonder 9.0
4 The Disaster Artist 8.0
5 Thor: Ragnarok 7.4
6 Daddy's Home 2 6.0
7 Murder on the Orient Express 5.4
8 Just Getting Started 3.7
9 Lady Bird 3.6
10 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 3.3



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