5 Ways to Prep - Thor: Ragnarok

By George Rose

November 2, 2017

Bro-ing down.

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Is it a great comedy? No. It is, however, better than the negative reviews suggest. So then why would I recommend it? Because Chris Hemsworth walks around in his underwear, showing off his ripped abs and bulging biceps and enormous pecs and… his throbbing flesh hammer?! When Transformers 5 came out, I suggested you watch Boogie Nights so you could see Mark Whalberg’s big fake wiener in the hopes that the imagery of that would boost your interest in his latest blockbuster. That’s what I’m suggesting you do again here. Vacation is the closest you’ll get to seeing Hemsworth in the nude and it does not disappoint in that department. Not only is his little-Thor a mighty demi-god but it makes for one of the best laughs in the movie. Hemsworth has proven his comedic chops in both Vacation and Ghostbusters, but only one of the two will have you drooling with joy and help you blindly appreciate his entire body of work.

Way to Prep #4 -Thor (2011)

Usually the rule is “only one film per franchise” on the list. I tend to consider movies from a cinematic universe as one franchise. This works for DC films because there are only a handful of films in that universe at the moment, so there will only be one DC movie to prep for prior to Justice League. However, Marvel has almost 20 movies in their MCU. So when a universe exceeds ten films I think I’m allowed to pick two movies from the group as long as they are from different franchises. Avengers 2 helps you understand where we last left Thor and Hulk prior to Ragnarok, but only the first Thor movie can help you understand how he became worthy of his power and why his hammer is so important to him. This will help you understand the impact of his hammer being destroyed in Ragnarok, a prominent plot point shown in the commercials. I also recommend this movie because it’s amazing. Kenneth Branagh directed this beautiful movie and pumped it full of incredible visuals, a worthwhile love story and exciting action. Like Waititi, Branagh was once known for acting but now is a great director. Luckily Marvel knows talent when they see it and Thor is about to rock again as the most magical Avenger around.


Way to Prep #5 - Cinderella (2015)

After Thor was a success, Disney hired Branagh again to direct the live-action update of their classic cleaning lady. With princess movies all the rage and twisted takes on those proving successful (like Maleficent) Branagh decided to kick things up a notch by… taking it back to basics. Cinderella didn’t go over-the-top with magic, it didn’t “update” the story we all know and love with something more modern, and it didn’t make us sympathize with the villain. In fact, the only parts of the villain that were blown out of proportion were her glorious costumes and nasty glare. She was so elegant in her evil that only an Oscar winning actress could have pulled off that vile demeanor with ease.

That actress, Cate Blanchett, is at it again in Ragnarok as the main villain, Hela. Her evil and acting know no bounds, and Blanchett’s performance is already being highlighted as one of the strongest part of the film. Here’s hoping that her return to playing the dastardly bad girl helps Waititi launch a mainstream career the way she helped Branagh reinforce his. In that same vein, check back next week to see how you can prep for winter’s next release and Branagh’s latest directorial effort, Murder on the Orient Express.

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