Survivor: HHH - Episode 5 Recap

The Past Will Eat You Alive

By Jim Van Nest

October 31, 2017

Nice knowing you. Or not knowing you.

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We come back from break on Day 12 and our first Probst Sighting! Everyone getting their first look at Levu sans Alan. There's quite a bit of surprise to go around. That being said, let's get to the challenge. Today, 3 people will have their feet tied together and arms tied to their bodies. They'll lie on the ground and wiggle/inch worm there way across the sand, up and over little mini-dunes, all the while pushing a ball with their face. Each of the 3 will take a leg and when the ball gets to the end, the 4th person will use it (and 4 others) to shoot Survivor baskets. First tribe to sink all 5 baskets wins an ice coffee basket. Ice coffee, pastries and coffee and tea to take back to camp. 2nd place tribe gets 1 jug of iced coffee. 3rd place - got nothin' for ya. Chrissy and Lauren sit out for their respective tribes and we're ready to go. Desi, Roark and Jessica take the first leg. Desi absolutely tears through the course and Ashley takes leg 2. Jessica is the next one to make it and Dr. Mike takes over. Roark is having some problems. She finally makes it to Ali and she's on her way. Ashely gets to Joe for the final leg and it's not even close right now. Dr. Mike is stuck and Ali is catching up. Joe finishes the course and Devon starts shooting. He has a HUGE lead. Ali get s past Dr. Mike and Ryan takes off. Mike finally gets to Ben just as Ryan loses the ball on a small dune and watches it roll back behind him. Oh yeah, Devon sinks the first shot. But uh-oh, Ben tears up his leg and Cole starts shooting. Meanwhile, Ryan loses the ball again. There is no kind of actual drama in this challenge once Ryan loses the ball for the 3rd time. Devon goes on to sink all 5 and Levu wins reward. A few shots later and Cole ends it for Yawa. Soko comes up short but Ryan did finally complete the course, so there's that. Ultimately though, Soko heads back to camp empty handed. As we head back to camp, Ali tells us that despite his poor performance in the challenge, she plans to do whatever she can to have Ryan's back.

What a difference a day makes. And a sweet reward full of caffeine and sugar. Levu is the party beach now. Everyone is getting along quite well. Funny how 1 win can change an entire tribe's fortunes. Now, if they can ride this momentum into something, Levu might be able to avoid being the joke tribe of the post-swap game. As they dine, Devon reminds us that he hasn't taken himself out of the game because of the win. He wants Joe to be the next to go and he and Ashley are ready to go 2v2 with Desi and Joe. They decide that they WILL go to rocks, but they really want to pull Desi in before that has to happen. Ashley feels pretty confident that Desi would flip before she'd let that happen.


Over at Soko, Ryan feels absolutely terrible about losing the challenge for his tribe. Everyone does their best to make him feel better, so there's that. He tells us that while he's not awesome in the challenges and he's not a huge help around camp, which we see as he can't open coconut, but he does have a solid social game. He likes to make people laugh and keep the camp in a good place so that people will pick him up on the other things. Roark seems to have found herself in the middle of a 2 Hero v 2 Hustler situation and she decides she wants to hook up with Ali. She lets Ali know that she has a bunch of Healers with her and when the merge comes, Ali and Ryan can go with her and the Healers. Ali brings this to Ryan and the talk of voting off Chrissy begins. Following Survivor Rule 1, Ryan does the right thing and totally agrees with everything Ali says. He tells us that he's in bad spot as his 2 biggest allies on this tribe will not work together so he'll have to tread lightly as he moves forward in the game.

Over at Yawa, Cole is just frickin' disgusting. He's digging through the remains of the peanut butter and jelly jars and it's just a bunch of dirt, peanut butter and dirty ass fingers and...Yuck! Lauren is noticing how much he eats and hopes that maybe that'll be enough to make people want to get rid of him. Jessica takes Dr. Mike to the well with her and they talk some game over there. She isn't feeling so great about Cole so she wants to bond more with Mike. As they get water, Mike starts digging around the well for the idol - since that's where it was located on the Healer Beach. With Jessica on lookout, Mike finally reaches pay dirt and voila, Dr. Mike is now packing a sweet idol. While Mike tells Jessica the idol is for both of them, the bottom line is that he has it, so it's his.

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