Survivor: HHH - Episode 4 Recap

I Don't Like Having Snakes Around

By Jim Van Nest

October 24, 2017

Now he'll never be on the cover of John Madden Survivor 2018!

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Hello good people and welcome, once again, to BOP's Survivor: HHH Recap! In a really odd turn of events, we've had 3 episodes this season and I've agreed with every boot so far. No - seriously - this never happens! We're getting one of the rare straightforward seasons of Survivor thus far. People who annoy and/or alienate themselves from the group are being eliminated. And if you single-handedly lose a challenge for your tribe while also being a crappy team player, you just might pay the price, as Hustler Patrick found out last week.

Not much happened at Heroes camp, other than Chrissy and Ben are riding a little higher than they probably should this early in the game. Cole and Jessica got much closer on Healer Beach, though Cole may have put the kibosh on that by sharing Joe's idol secret with Roark and Desi before Jess was ready to bring other girls into the relationship. The bulk of the episode, though, took place at Hustler Beach again where Patrick just became too much dead weight for Ali to continue to carry and she joined forces with Ryan and Devon to keep Lauren in the fold and send her Auburn neighbor on the pre-merge trip with Katrina and Simone.

The only thing we saw about tonight is that the first swap of the season is coming. So, in preparation for tonight's show, I'm going to need all of you to: Drop. Your. Buffs!

Speaking of which - tonight's episode wastes no time. We see nothing at Hustler Beach and we go straight into our first Probst Sighting!! Everyone gets to see the new Hustler tribe, with Patrick gone. There are some shocked faces at seeing a big strapping dude voted out. And then right away, "Drop your buffs." Jeff wastes no time getting right to it. And for the first time in Survivor history, they actually swap from 3 tribes to 3 tribes. There will be no condensing of tribes and each new tribe will have 5 members. Let's break it down.


The blue tribe, called Levu, now consists of former Heroes Alan and Ashley, former Healers Joe and Desi and lone Hustler Devon. It's amazing how the Survivor Gods work sometimes. Alan and Ashley had serious beef through the first 9 days of the game and whaddaya know, they stay together.

The yellow tribe, called Soko, now consists of only 1 Healer, Roark. She'll get to share her camp with Heroes JP and Chrissy and Hustlers Ryan and Ali. Again, the Survivor Gods have placed Chrissy on a tribe with Ryan, the person who gave her the Super Idol for the first Tribal. It just couldn't work out better, right?

The red tribe, called Yawa, now only has 1 Hustler left, Lauren. She'll welcome in Hero Ben and a 3-pack of Healers in Cole, Jessica and Dr. Mike. Everything's coming up Cole and Jessica, right? They stay together AND have Dr. Mike along to make it an easy 3 person alliance.

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