5 Ways to NYCC (New York Comic Con) - Part 2

By George Rose

October 12, 2017

Moar NYCC!

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It doesn’t matter if you prep five ways or a hundred ways; you simply can’t predict Comic Con. The NYCC (New York Comic Con) drama started the day before my friend Travis and I were scheduled to attend. His wife, Heather, gave birth on October 4 so no NYCC on October 5 for Travis. The only friend I could find that could get a weekday off work at the last minute was my friend Jackie, a former coworker of mine. We were both so excited that we left before sunrise and arrived at the Javits Center early. Once we got there, our first stop was to go right to the basement level where the autographs were taking place. The plan was no longer to get as many autographs as possible right out of the gate, because Jackie deserved to see the fun part of the Con, but we were able to figure out who was doing autographs and at what time. The bad news was that Jason Isaacs (from Harry Potter) had a delayed flight and might not make it for his Thursday appearance. Also, as it turned out, Tara Strong (animated Harley Quinn) and Kevin Conroy (animated Batman) were huge convention stars that required “overflow lines.”

This meant that the best use of our time would be chasing autographs from Jim Cummings (voice of Winnie the Pooh) and the four Power Rangers that were attending. With Travis and Heather not at the Con, Cummings became my #1 target for an autograph because Travis wanted me to get two from him as a gift to Heather for her birthday. Since the prospect of meeting Cummings also excited Jackie, he became the only person I was required to meet by the end of the day. Our new mission was finding Jackie a Winnie the Pooh Funko Pop to get autographed. We headed to the shopping level to start the hunt and to introduce her to NYCC.


In the last article I told you who I was hoping to meet based on who was expected to be doing autographs on Thursday at NYCC. Well, back in the planning stages it was discovered that John DiMaggio (the voice of Bender on Futurama & Jake on Adventure Time) would be doing panels on Thursday and autographs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I figured this might be a good time to bring my Bender and Jake Funko Pops so that maybe I could sell them to fans attending on Thursday that would want cool exclusive Pops signed over the weekend.

Well, just after Jackie and I got to the shopping area to find her a Winnie the Pooh Pop we saw John Dimaggio sitting at a booth doing autographs. WTF?!?! Were my eyes deceiving me?! I asked him if it was because I harassed him on Twitter all week to add the extra day of autographs. He laughed and said it wasn’t, that the website was wrong and he was never doing just panels on Thursday. How is anyone supposed to make a solid Comic Con plan if the website is wrong leading up to the event? Well, instead of cursing the convention gods I thanked the one true God for having me pack two of my DiMaggio Pops so that I could be accidentally prepared for the coolest autograph of the Con. Fate was starting to kick in.

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