Survivor: HHH - Episode 3 Recap

My Kisses Are Very Private

By Jim Van Nest

October 17, 2017

They made the wise choice.

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Hello good people and welcome back to Episode 3 of Survivor 35 - HHH! When last we chatted, Alan calmed himself down, Chrissy has a new life on the Heroes tribe, Cole and Jessica are getting all show-mancy at Healers Beach and the Hustlers had to go to Tribal Council. Despite Patrick's crazed personality and the annoyance he causes, the Hustlers decided to remain as physically strong as possible and remove outsider Simone Nguyen, making her the 2nd person voted out of this season.

Previews have promised us a deeper dive into the love story that is Cole and Jessica while highlighting a deeper divide on the Hustler Tribe as Patrick's antics, already on Lauren's nerves, reach a breaking point and an all-out verbal brawl might just ensue. Let's not waste any time and get right to the show.

We begin the episode at Hustler Beach the next morning and we're having a fashion show. Everyone is trying on Simone's clothes that were left behind. Ali and Lauren head to the beach and the guys decide that Lauren is the next on the chopping block. Meanwhile, Lauren knows she's on the outs as she has trouble feeling included with the group. She's very different than everyone else so they're just not jiving. Devon joins the ladies and they discuss the issues with Patrick. Ali tells us that Patrick just runs his mouth too much and doesn't really understand the social game. She's starting to wonder if he's really the person she wants to move forward with.


We come back from break to check in on the Heroes. Chrissy and Ben are patting each other on the back about how they're running things. They're trying to see who the next target will be. Ben likes Ashley so he's trying to decide between JP and Alan. We spend the next couple minutes watching Alan try to open a coconut. I get a little worried about this season when so much time can be spent dealing with opening a coconut. Isn't there SOME other thing we could be seeing? But, I digress. JP's out catching fish and Ashley is digging it. Apparently, the way to her heart is through her stomach. So, she is fully on board with dumping Alan at the first chance. Ashley and Ben discuss the good and bad of both guys, but she is pulling more for JP than Ben would like to hear, so he's now questioning Ashley too.

As we head to Healer Beach for the first time, the triumphant music of the winners plays. Joe is loving life right now. He says that everyone is on board with Mike as the first boot. He is worried about Cole and his budding romance with Jessica though. And whaddaya know, there are Cole and Jessica out fishing. Jessica tells us that she moves very slowly in the world of romance, so slow in fact, that at 30, she's still a virgin. But she is very intrigued at the thought of Cole thinking about her. And Cole is definitely thinking about her. So much that he feels compelled to tell her that Joe has the idol. She loves that news so much that she actually...wait for it...kisses his cheek. *Gasp* But, like the episode title says, her kisses are very private.

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