Survivor: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers - Episode 2 Recap

I'm a Wild Banshee

By Jim Van Nest

October 10, 2017

Appropriate reaction shot is appropriate.

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Hello good people and thank you for coming back to check out Episode 2 of Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers. Just for my own sanity, I'll be calling this season Survivor: HHH for the rest of the run of this column. Trying to type that title out gives me migraines. At any rate - after a rather dull premiere episode, I'm glad you decided to come back and give Episode 2 a chance.

Last week on Survivor, a bro-mance sprouted on the Hustler tribe as bellhop Ryan found a super-idol and he and Devon decided to pass it off to Chrissy (who didn't play the idol) when the Heroes tribe fell during the immunity challenge. Something of note here - the plan to give the idol to Chrissy was set up by the guys to hand the idol off to someone they thought was safe from the vote and who might be willing to work with them down the road. But Jim - wasn't she the one puking after the first challenge? Did they really think she was that safe? Well, faithful reader, according to the pre-season MVP Josh Wigler, who was on location watching the challenge, the Healers and Hustlers had already left the platform and headed back to camp when Chrissy dropped to her knees and lost her lunch. So, they had no idea it happened. Ok, with that settled up, what else happened?


Well, Joe and Mike discussed idol searches on Heroes beach - and really, that's all we saw of the yellow Healers tribe. It's the one downside to winning everything. If you don't go to Tribal, you don't get as much of the episode devoted to you. That being said, we spent most of our time with the blue Heroes tribe as they were preparing to attend the first Tribal Council of the new season. Alan Ball went bat shit crazy and demanded JP strip down to prove he didn't have an idol. Alan's crazy continued into the Tribal Council and it started to look like he would be the first casualty of the young season. As it turned out, the almost invisible Katrina Radke was unanimously voted out and Chrissy held onto her now-powerless Super Idol. Notice, I didn't say "useless". Chrissy is now in possession of the single greatest fake immunity idol ever in the game. One designed by Survivor's own art department. If she can't figure out a way to use this idol to her advantage, Mensa may come back and revoke her membership. (Yep - she's THAT smart.)

Tonight's episode promises that claws will come out at the Hustler tribe - crab claws, that is. And 2 new couples look to be emerging. Power couple Ben and Chrissy on the Heroes tribe and potential romantic couple Cole and Jessica on the Healers. Either way - forming a noticeable couple is never a good thing in Survivor. I worry for the future of Cole and Jessica, as the romantic couples always suck at hiding their couple-ness. Chrissy and Ben, however, both are pretty smart cookies - their union could be something of major note for the rest of the season.

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