Weekend Wrap-Up

By Kim Hollis

September 10, 2017

Many towns experience problems with sewer clowns.

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Along with all of the unbelievable records It has achieved, here are some other fun facts to ponder. It has a cast of mostly unknowns. Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård is under makeup as he portrays Pennywise the clown, and he is probably best known for the TV series Hemlock Grove. (He was also in Atomic Blonde earlier this summer.) The main cast is made up of children, with the only real familiar face being that of Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard. So, this wasn’t a film that earned its money on the basis of star power. Not by any means.

Director Andy Muschietti is similarly unknown. He was behind the cameras for the fantastic horror/suspense film Mama, and is also currently directing the pilot for the TV series Locke & Key, based on a graphic novel series written by Joe Hill. If you aren’t familiar with Hill, you should be for oh so many reasons (his books are mostly fantastic), but he’s also the son of one Stephen King. How’s that for keeping things in the family?

A lot of times, horror films don’t have much impact overseas, but It has already earned $62 million internationally. That means the film has a worldwide total of almost $180 million already, and with the word-of-mouth and huge story created by the dynamic box office debut, there’s only going to be more and more box office to come.

Finally, It is another data point in favor of the fact that weather has no real impact on box office. Snowstorms and other types of weather events are often used as excuses for films underperforming, but we have Irma looming over Florida, causing evacuations of all kinds of areas, yet It manages to become the biggest horror debut ever.

There were other movies at the box office, though it’s anticlimactic to talk about them. Second place goes to our other new wide release of the weekend, Home Again. This Reese Witherspoon wish fulfillment rom-com earned $9 million on the weekend and is significant for being the directorial debut of Hallie Meyers-Shyer, Nancy’s daughter. Obviously, the film is hugely in the shadow of It, and will barely be a blip in a couple of weeks. It’ll probably perform just fine on video, though.


Third place goes to our unlikely three-time box office champion, The Hitman’s Bodyguard. It earned $4.9 million, down 54 percent from last weekend’s overinflated number. The Lionsgate release is now up to $64.9 million domestically, and has yet to report any box office from international venues.

Annabelle: Creation, one of the few summer successes this year, is still hanging around in the top five despite being in release for five weeks. The Warner Bros. release (by the way, Warner Bros. is having a pretty nifty few weeks with this film and It), earned $4 million and declined 47 percent from last weekend. Annabelle 2 is just inches away from hitting the $100 million mark domestically, as its current tally sits at $96.3 million. With an overseas total of $184 million, Annabelle: Creation has an amazing worldwide gross of $280 million.

Fifth and sixth place go to a pair of Weinstein Company films. The first of the two is Wind River, which increased its venue count to 2,890 locations and earned $3.2 million. Even with the expansion, that’s still a 49 percent drop from last week, mainly because everyone was lying about their totals. Wind River now has a domestic tally of $25 million. The Weinsteins’ other film is Leap!, the animated movie about a ballerina. It earned $2.5 million and fell 48 percent. The total for North America sits at $15.9 million, while it has earned $80 million internationally.

A couple of pretty decent summer blockbusters occupy our seventh and eighth spots. Spider-Man: Homecoming, now out 10 weeks, takes seventh with $2 million. It declined 45 percent from last weekend, has a domestic total of $327.7 million, and an overseas tally of $495 million. Dunkirk finishes in eighth. Its $1.9 million three-day total represents a drop of 55 percent. $183.1 million domestically will bring it plenty of positive attention during awards season, and its more than $309 million overseas has it very close to the $500 million mark.

We close out the top 10 with Logan Lucky and The Emoji Movie, neither of which has any real similarity to each other. Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky earned $1.8 million, falls 59 percent, and has a running total of $25.2 million. The Emoji Movie barely crossed the million-dollar mark and declined 57 percent. It has earned $82.5 million domestically.

The top 12 this weekend took in a mighty $149.3 million, most of which comes from It, of course. That’s way ahead of last year’s weekend tally of $84.5 million, which occurred when Sully debuted. Next weekend brings All I See Is You, an Open Road Films release that probably won’t do much, American Assassin, an interesting-looking thriller featuring Michael Keaton, and mother!, Darren Aronofsky’s latest mind-bender, which is probably an awards vehicle for star Jennifer Lawrence.

Top Ten for Weekend of September 8-10, 2017
Estimated Gross (millions)
Weekly Change
Running Total (millions)
1 It Warner Bros. 117.2 New 117.2
2 Home Again Open Road Films 9.0 New 9.0
3 The Hitman's Bodyguard Lionsgate 4.9 -54% 64.9
4 Annabelle: Creation Warner Bros. 4.0 -47% 96.3
5 Wind River The Weinstein Co. 3.2 -49% 25.0
6 Leap! The Weinstein Co. 2.5 -48% 15.9
7 Spider-Man: Homecoming Sony 2.0 -45% 327.7
8 Dunkirk Warner Bros. 2.0 -55% 183.1
9 Logan Lucky Bleecker Street 1.8 -59% 25.2
10 The Emoji Movie Sony 1.1 -57% 82.5
11 Despicable Me 3 Universal 0.9 -64% 260.0
12 Girls Trip Universal 0.8 -65% 113.4

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