5 Ways to Comic Con: Part Three

By George Rose

August 31, 2017

That's some good Comic Conning.

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We’ve finally made it! We’re here!!! The detailed look at the most recent two-day Con. For those that have been reading this 5 Ways to Comic Con series, you know that two days at a Con is better than one. You also know there are two ways to enjoy a day at the Con, shopping and celebrity interactions. You can try to cram both into one day but neither can be maximized that way… unless you’re a Comic Con expert. Once you pass this two-day-Con course, you can move on to the master class. That is coming this October when I will show you my upcoming one-day Thursday Con in New York starring the legendary, the iconic, the ultra mega nerd boner festival superstar galore… MARK HAMILL. If you don’t know who that is, you’re probably reading the wrong website.

Why is seeing a celebrity important? I didn’t want to explain this in the last article because I was running out of space and this deserves more than a passing comment. This is with regards to Convention #6 when I went to the New York Comic Con for two full days in October 2016. Funko Pops were the coolest collectibles around and I was on an autographing kick. However, a bunch of $25 convention exclusive shirts + a dozen $10 Funko Pops + roughly $150 in other random knick knacks + the cost of blowing the rest of my load on Alan Tudyk (aka King Candy) = no money left. It’s not even just about the money, really.


If you don’t buy the merchandise you want to get autographed before a convention, you might not find something worthy at the Con. Now you have to try and find something reasonably priced at the convention, without any damage, with all the other THOUSANDS of people who are looking for the same thing, and do that all before the small window of opportunity that is available for each celebrity autographing session. Getting an autograph isn’t always as easy as you’d think.

So the next time you have the chance to see Carrie Fisher at New York Comic Con, don’t pass it up. Don’t ruin it by not preparing in advance or bringing extra money. Don’t be the big dummy that says to your friends, “Star Wars is all the rage again so she’ll be coming around to Cons for years to come.” She won’t. She died two months later. October 2016 was the first chance I had to meet Carrie, the last chance I had to meet Carrie, and the last time we would share a birthday on the 21st. I’m not saying that a common birthday made me closer to Carrie than the rest of you… but I was closer with her. Not as close as the people who got to see her at NYCC 2016 but closer than you. And now she’s gone and the rest of the celebrities of the world that are dumb enough to attend a comic book convention should fear the wrath of George.

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