5 Ways to Prep: The Mummy

By George Rose

June 8, 2017

Oh no! Scientologists!

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1) The Mummy (1999)

If you ask me, this is the gold standard of Mummy movies. Is it the best? I have no idea, as the very first Mummy movie dates back to 1932. It’s my gold standard because it was the first true Mummy movie of my lifetime. Also, it drips in gold. Golden sand, gold statues, golden sun, gold treasures, golden EVERYTHING. It takes all the golden goodies you’d expect to see in an Egyptian creature feature and blends them together with all the glorious golden atmosphere you’d expect from historic adventure films, like the Indiana Jones films.

Stephen Sommers directs the first and second Mummy movies with passion and a childlike sense of wonder. In even the most barren wastelands of the desert, he is able to fill the screen with gorgeous, glittering imagery while sprinkling tiny bits of fear and terror throughout to keep you on your toes. It’s the same old mummy story that you’re used to: stupid white American man disrespects another people’s culture by invading their land and desecrating their monuments, only to uncover and unleash the undead nightmare known as the mummy. It’s funny, scary, sexy, action packed and amazing. I fear the latest Mummy update will be lacking in all the things that made 1999’s version so enchanting, as the modern day setting is paired with an equally dreary gray atmosphere that looks just as lifeless and silly as the film's lead actor, which brings me to my next recommendation...


2) Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2016)

While Tom Cruise has seen a bit of a comeback lately, with Mission: Impossible 4 and 5 proving to be critical and financial success stories, he hasn’t done so well outside of established franchises. Can pairing one of Universal’s classic creatures and one of Hollywood’s classic A-listers guarantee success? Early estimates say no, with only a $35 million debut expected. This would be lower than any of Brendan Fraser’s Mummy movies. However, with a $125 million budget, the new movie needs at least $400 million worldwide to save face.

Can Cruise pull that off? If M:I5 proved anything, it’s that Cruise can still draw $682 million worldwide. It also proves he still has charisma, can still headline an entertaining spy movie at almost 55-years-old and he looooooooves surviving a plane nose diving down to the ground. Such a feat was prominently featured on the M:I5 poster and has been a huge part of The Mummy’s advertising. M:I5 might not be the best of his impossible missions, but it’s a darn good one, definitely worth a watch and a great way to remind you of what Cruise is capable of. If early word on The Mummy’s critical and commercial chances is any indication, the movie is going to need all the help it can get. Cruise might just be the boost it needs.

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