5 Ways to Prep: Wonder Woman

By George Rose

June 1, 2017

Why do the dudes look like CGI videogame characters?

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I never thought I’d say this, but 2017’s first truly surprising summer hit movie might be released by the DCEU and actually stars a female lead. For all that is wonderful about this news, it still saddens me that all the MCU and DCEU movies will gamble anything north of $150 million on their productions but Wonder Woman was given only a $100 million shot at success. Despite this backhanded blockbuster budget, it seems the women of Hollywood have made that money work and we have a feature film worthy of attention and ticket sales.

If it wasn’t for Philadelphia Comic Con this weekend, I’d be going to see Wonder Woman at the Thursday sneak preview. Instead, I have tickets set for Sunday and will be feverishly waiting for my chance to watch the movie. For now, I can tell you two things; the first is that I now plan on looking for cool Wonder Woman merchandise at Comic Con since my excitement level has skyrocketed after the positive reviews have come in; and the second is that I have a few movies to recommend you watch to best prep you for Wonder Woman’s triumphant debut.


1) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

The first recommendation is also the most obvious. If I’m only going to pick one movie from the prior franchise (and I’m considering the DCEU one mega franchise), then BvS would be it since it’s the only one to include the Wonder Woman character. Granted, Wonder Woman is set during the first World War and prior to the events of any/all DCEU films so technically none are needed. However, it is a great introduction to the character and is the only bright spot in the BvS film.

The premise is simple despite the film’s over-complication of it. Superman has recently saved the world but at great emotional and financial cost. Many buildings have crumbled and innocent people have died after Superman defeated General Zod in the Man of Steel movie. Bruce Wayne lost many of his employees in that battle, so he’s kind of pissed at Superman. They start to bicker, they fight a little, they realize both their mothers are named Martha, they become friends and they team up with Wonder Woman to defeat their newest and biggest foe yet. It’s a textbook example of how not to bring together several of your favorite heroes. It is barely watchable without laughing in disappointment but special effects and Wonder Woman save the day and make this a passable entry in the otherwise completely boring DCEU films to date.

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