The Amazing Race Season 29 Recap

As Easy as Stacking Cups

By Kim Hollis

May 30, 2017


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The teams must win a round of Street Fighter V as they take on some professional gamers. Every ten rounds, the Racers will get an advantage (i.e. the pros will have a blindfold or one hand tied behind their back).

Scott is quite familiar with Street Fighter, and he wants to play as Chun Li. London has no idea what to even do. Tara says she hasn’t played a video game in 25 years. We feel like Scott has the advantage here. He gets knocked out on the first try, though.

(Obviously London and Tara get knocked out on their first attempt.)

“I’m so sorry,” Tara’s opponent says politely.

Well, we’ve made it to Round 10. So, Scott is actually getting closer, and with a handicap he has a great shot at winning. His opponent will put one hand behind his back. The same goes for the other two opponents.

Scott still gets knocked out even though his opponent has a disadvantage. So, London almost wins, but just misses. Tara hates video games.

At the kimchi challenge, the Boys have realized that they’re firmly in last place. It’s not even going to be close.

Back at Esports, Scott talks a lot of smack for someone who doesn’t win.

We’ve gotten through enough rounds now that London’s opponent will play blindfolded. That’s the benefit she needs to finally get a win. Scott follows quickly behind. They’ll be racing to the Pit Stop on the rooftop of Gavit Some.


Tara is fighting a blindfolded guy. “We’ve worked so hard for this,” says Joey. Neither one of them can believe that a “gamer” might cause them to lose. It’s a little condescending.

The boys have finished making, burying and eating their kimchi. It’s on to the Esports arena, where we’d assume they’d normally have an advantage. Is Tara terrible enough that she’ll lose?

She’s certainly not having her best moment. She rants about how she has to fight bad guys in real life, which means she doesn’t have time for videogames. She can’t believe that this might be her downfall. Matt takes on the challenge for the Boys. Presumably he’s probably a decent gamer.

“All this work comes down to some teenage kid who’s on an ego trip. She’s lost a hundred matches,” says Joey. Tara isn’t learning from the game at all. She’s in meltdown mode.

Matt does pretty well on his first attempt. He asks for tips from the pros, and his opponent says, “No, he’s good!”

Over at the Pit Stop, it’s a legitimate race for first between Brooke & Scott and London & Logan. And… the worst team in the race is the first one in the final three. Brooke & Scott will race for $1 million. Team Lolo is right behind them. As Phil says, “The underdogs are now the top dogs.”

With Matt’s opponent down to one hand, he’s got a great shot. BUT Tara finally wins. Matt barely loses right as Mom and Dad are getting away. This is much closer than it has any right to be. The subway and cab were doom for the Boys. Matt wins his round while Tara & Joey are hailing a cab.

And so it’s another true race to the Pit Stop. The Boys are taking the stairs while Tara & Joey take the elevator. In the end, it’s Tara & Joey, though.

Matt & Joey were our favorites this season, and they finished in last. Unfortunately, they’re eliminated. STUPID subway. Hell, their cab driver’s mistake was enough to set them. We’re pretty sure they’re friends for life.

We’re down to one more leg, where we’ll root for anyone but Brooke & Scott. Place your bets on the number of times Brooke cries.

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