Survivor: Game Changers Recap

It’s Not a High Without a Low

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 15, 2017

She won't be smiling that much when she realizes Sarah betrayed her huge.

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Previously on Survivor… oh, we’ll be honest. We haven’t watched Survivor in a couple of weeks. During our glorious time at Walt Disney World, Debbie Wanner was mercifully eliminated, along with Zeke. Thanks to Jim for covering for us while we were away. Now, we’ll just go ahead and hop right into this week’s recap, which starts with…

…The group in the minority wondering what the heck just happened. Overall, they had voted for one of their own, Tai, but the majority alliance got together and voted to eliminate Zeke. Tai asks them, “You want to talk about it or no?”

Of course, this means that Tai has figured out that his own alliance voted for him. Brad realizes that he may no longer have Tai in his corner due to this strategic misstep.

Michaela feels pretty disappointed about the Zeke vote, which gives Cirie the opportunity to stir up a little bit of dissention in the majority alliance. Understanding that Tai may be a candidate to flip to a different group, she suggests to Michaela and Sarah that they should consider breaking up a pair. She figures Brad and Sierra are a tight alliance, so perhaps Culpepper is the choice at the next vote.
Michaela and Sarah agree.

Meanwhile, Sierra wonders if Sarah, who has been her closest friend (if not ally) in the game, is someone she can rely upon. She feels discouraged that she and Culpepper have lost control and figures it’s time for bold strokes. She goes to Sarah and confesses that she has the “legacy advantage,” an Immunity Idol that she can only use if she’s part of the final six. Sierra does make the tactical error of telling Sarah that she will pass the legacy along to her if Sierra does wind up voted out. Sierra figures it’s a way to curry favor.

For now, at least, Sarah does want to keep Sierra around. Sierra’s secret gives them both advantages moving forward, and it seems to guarantee a loyal ally.


Probst sighting! Let’s just go ahead and get right into the Reward Challenge. Winners will receive a good ol’ fashioned American barbeque. But wait! There’s more!

Yes, tonight is the “loved ones” episode, where friends and family of the contestants arrive to provide comfort and support just when it’s needed most. Several of the Survivors break down in tears at this news, especially Sarah. She hugs her husband, Wyatt, and asks him about their son, Knox.

“Damn, he’s sexy, Sarah,” says Sierra.

Andrea’s mother Linda is her visitor. Andrea says she had been a troublemaker growing up, but her mother replies that she went through some difficulties as a teenager that only made her emerge stronger.

Aubry is thrilled to see her sister Carrie. You can definitely see the resemblance. When her dad emerges from the forest, Sierra seems to finally be at ease. Michaela’s mother Candy is the cutest thing ever. They scream when they see each other.

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