Survivor: Game Changers

There's a New Sheriff In Town - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, BOP Game Changer

April 24, 2017

Ma Claven: When a man loves a woman, he gives her a special kind of....hug

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We come back from break to play, "It's anyone but Michaela", I guess. When we went to the challenge, only Cirie and Hali wanted to keep Michaela in the game. I'm not so sure even Cirie can eclipse those odds in one afternoon. Sierra tells us that she's in charge and she loves having control. She lets us know that it's between Hali and Michaela tonight. She tells Andrea and Sarah that she's worried about Hali. She's very confident, which suggests that she might have an idol. So her plan is to throw some votes on Hali, but to still vote out Michaela. Sierra tells Cirie that 4 people are voting Hali and everyone else is voting for Michaela. She suggests that they tell Hali and Michaela that Zeke is the vote tonight. Hali says she'll go along with that, but she doesn't feel too good about that tonight. Cirie tells us that she doesn't want to vote for Michaela just because Sierra says so. She pulls Zeke aside to suggest to him that they should keep Michaela in the game as a number with them. If they take her out, they lose a number and strengthen Brad and Sierra.

Zeke goes to Sierra, who seems to be holding court in the hammock, and asks her why they're not putting the bulk of the votes on Hali. His suggestion is that if she has an idol, they should give her enough votes to either force her to flush it or to take her out and send her and her idol home. Sierra comes back with something about Michaela wreaking havoc on the camp when they get back. "So, we vote her out in 2 days," is Zeke's reply. He makes very good Survivor strategy points and confirms what Cirie was telling him. This vote isn't about's about Sierra and Brad taking out a potential number against them. Cirie tells Michaela that they're lying about Zeke. Cirie tells her to stay with the vote for Zeke and that she'll take care of the rest. She has every intention of keeping her in the game. I, honestly, have no idea how she's gonna pull that off. Should be an interesting Tribal.


Speaking of which, Cirie is making her first appearance at Tribal this season so she has to ceremonially light her torch and then we get started. Zeke and Andrea talk about how insane everything is right now. You can't keep up with everything, but this is where lines start to get drawn that set the tone for the rest of the game. He comes to Debbie and of course, Debbie isn't going to be shocked by the outcome. Of course, she won't be. Hali and Michaela say that they're both worried tonight since no one was talking to them all day today. And it's time to begin all the idol talk. Jeff finally asks Cirie if anyone has ever offered to just strip down and prove that they don't have an idol. She says that usually, the person people are worried about having the idol don't know they're worried about it. Hali offers to shake down to prove that she doesn't have an idol. But she won't do it of her own accord, but someone will have to ask her. Hali points out that the people on the bottom right now are the weaklings in this game and it makes no sense to go after them. And she is absolutely right. Targeting either one of these girls makes no sense. But with that in mind, it's time to vote.

We see Michaela's vote for Zeke and then Hali's vote for Zeke. We then see Cirie's vote for Michaela saying that it's to save her life and will hopefully bring longevity to their games. Um, what??? We also see Sierra's vote for Hali. But seriously, I do not understand Cirie's vote - unless she's just hedging, which seems weird considering she's trying to make a decent sized play here. Oh well, Jeff's reading the votes now. Zeke x 2. Michaela, Hali, Michaela and Hali. 2 more each for Michaela and Hali. As the final votes come up Hali, there are definitely some looks of confusion on people's faces. Cirie and Michaela share a glance that says they're together til the end of this thing. I can't wait to see what Cirie does here!! Thankfully, I don't have to wait to see what Cirie will do, because the next episode is now!!

However, YOU all will have to wait til tomorrow to see what happens, because I am signing off for tonight. We'll pick this back up tomorrow with the Maku Maku tribe heading back to camp and a potential Cirie-led alliance starting to come into power. Until tomorrow, my friends, take care!

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